Monday, August 20, 2007

Back From Vacation- What We Did and What I Bought!

Well, I'm back from a small family vacation. My sister's family, my parents, my aunt, and we all met at a condo by a lake in Virginia for a week. It wasn't anything exciting or dramatic, but it was just a nice week to be together and relax, and sometimes that's just what you need! So here are some photos of things we did, or rather, some things the kids did, since that's who all the photos are of!

played in a hammock:
drove a boat:

took naps on a boat:

climbed on a tractor:

"played" miniature golf:

And, of course, played at the beach and in the lake:
Then, in addition to making sure the kids had fun, Mommy had some fun, too. I was able to hit a couple antique shops, and found some wonderful things!

a cute lamb planter- perfect for holding my glue sticks:

an old doll stove:

a stash of wonderful books (details following):

this one has a little boy that looks like I expect Noah to look one day:
this one could be very well be my most favorite possession right now- adorable "pop-up" book with unbelievably cute illustrations:

another spread from that book:

and my favorite page from the same book:

a vintage cloth book (I'm a sucker for cloth books!):

cute "double" book with adorable little animal illustrations:

and an old baby book complete with old cards, etc. (well, this one actually came in the mail from Ebay while I was gone, but that counts!):

So, that's it. A pretty productive trip, I'd say! And now, it's back to the daily grind. I've got several projects in mind. We'll see when I have time to get to them. As I mentioned last post, I've got a new batch of photoframes to sell. I'll post those within the next few days. And maybe, I'll be able to squeeze in another piece of art to sell soon.

Oh, I wanted to send out a big thank you to Tricia and Judy, who have nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger and Inspirational Blogger awards, respectively. This means a ton coming from these women, since both of them are incredibly inspirational and rockin' themselves! Check them out if you haven't yet! Thanks, ladies- you're the sweetest!


Judy said...

'No worries' as we say down here - you deserve the award. I had to laugh when I saw the little lamb planter, i used to have a night light way back when... gosh it brought back loads of memories seeing that piece. Thanks

Tricia Scott said...

hi there corey! it looks like you all had a blast. i am pretty close to a lake here in virginia---smith mountain lake. were you by any chance at that one? it is a lovely place.
anyway, you found lots of goodies---my fave is the pop up book!