Monday, January 12, 2015

Rich Dollhouse with Yellow Shutters Tour

 Well, it's time for another dollhouse tour!  This one is a sweet Rich Dollhouse that my mother got from an estate sale for me a couple years ago.  It always takes me a while to furnish my houses, to get all the details done, but finally, this one is ready!
I'm going to name this family the Tiny's because they are very small- Dad's only about 4" tall.  They are such an interesting group of dolls- I haven't seen any others like them- I believe they must have been handmade.  The heads are handpainted clay, and the bodies seem to be painted tape wrapped around wire.  And they've got adorable handmade clothes!
But anyway, enough talk about how they are made, let's meet them, shall we?  In our family, we have Father Tiny, Mother Tiny, Big Sister Tiny, Little Brother Tiny, as well as their Housekeeper/Nanny.  Hmmm, I just noticed how Father Tiny's hand is reaching quite close to Housekeeper/Nanny's hand- I wonder if perhaps there's more to the story than I realized...!
 We'll begin in the kitchen.  Father and Mother are sitting down to have some sweets at the table.
 The children are due home any minute, and the grown-ups would like to have a little peace and quiet before they come through the door!
 Mother Tiny would like to point out her beautiful Dol-Toi appliances and the kitchen-themed decals she applied to the walls herself.
 Aaah! The children are home.  And just as Mother and Father have set down for their tea!
 Little Brother is already climbing on the couch, and Big Sister is pestering Mother.  "Housekeeper/Nanny!  Please take these children upstairs so we may have our tea in peace!"  The Tiny's won't be winning any Parent of the Year awards, I'm afraid!
 Finally, some quiet to finish their tea.  Father remarks that he likes Mother's new decorating scheme of mis-matched fabrics on all the furniture and curtains.  "It's quite....eclectic...., isn't it?" he says.
 Upstairs, the children are going wild in the bedroom- riding bikes and running around!
 They're even jumping on Mother and Father's bed!
 Housekeeper/Nanny directs them to sit on their beds nicely so that we can view the room in peace!  As you can see, the children don't have a separate room from their parents, so they all must share.  Perhaps that's why Mother and Father are so quick to dismiss the children- they have to put up with them all night long!
 Finally, onto the bathroom.  Housekeeper/Nanny decides that the children can have their bath.  
 She'd like to point out that she was not consulted about the very PINK bathroom- that was Mother's decision, obviously.  Frankly, both Housekeeper/Nanny and Father think the room reminds them of Pepto-Bismol!
"Let me help you take off your shoes, Little Brother, so that we can get you in the bath!" 
And now let's give the children some privacy as they get cleaned up!  We can take one last look at each of the rooms...
 The "decals" are really just printouts from the computer that I taped up to the wall, but I love the vintage, homemade vibe it gives the kitchen!
I think this may be the only house I've done without a fireplace!  But the piano takes its place rather nicely, I think.  And although Mr. Tiny may have been a little sarcastic with his comments about the mismatched fabrics, I actually quite like the "eclectic" look!
 This adorable handmade bed came with the two handmade dressers.  Such a cute little set made by some mother and father years ago!
This is the first bathroom set I have with a shower!  I'm not sure whether it was original to the tub, or added by the former owner, but I love it!
And so we bid the Tiny's farewell!  We hope you've enjoyed the tour of their home as much as they enjoyed having you!  (Between you and me, I think Mrs. Tiny may need to keep an eye on her husband and Housekeeper/Nanny from now on though!!)

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Christmas Leftovers & What I've Done the Last Month

Well, guys, sorry I've been absent for close to a month!!  You know how it is when the kids are home from school- there's no time for anything!  I know that by now, we're all pretty much done with Christmas, but I thought I'd sneak in just a few more pics to show you what we've been up to since I last blogged.
 I was able to convince Avery to go see Santa, although the boys would have nothing to do with him!
 I made a couple more Advent Trees for my sisters for Christmas.  The  adorable ornaments were from Hobby Lobby.
Our Elf on the Shelf, Silly Pinnochio, found some fun places to hide every night- in the drawer of this doll dresser was my favorite!
 And, of course, the kids got some fun presents for Christmas- Lincoln Logs for Riley,...
 ...a Nerf gun for Noah,...
...and a Journey Girl doll (Toys R Us version of an American Girl) for Avery.  I've lamented here about Avery's lack of interest in dolls, so when she expressed interest in American Girl dolls, I was ready to oblige!  She was fascinated with finding a doll that looks "just like her", and wearing matching clothes.
So I went all out with it!  I replaced the doll's original name and description on the package with this one I wrote up about Avery.  And she totally believed it-she was amazed that there was a doll that was exactly like her!
The doll came with glasses, so she went and found my glasses to put on- ha!
 And of course I also got several matching outfits for Avery and Avery Jr. (what she decided to name her).  It makes my doll-loving heart smile!

I got several homemade presents from the kids, which always makes me happy!
 Another BIG project I worked on last month was creating Moortgatopoly.  My kids, Riley especially, love to play Monopoly, so I thought it would be fun to create a personalized one.  Well, I didn't know what I was in for when I started, because it ended up taking hours upon hours to do it.  But in the end, it turned out great- all the properties are personalized, as well as all the Chance cards, etc.  I hope it will become a great memory for the kids, sitting around playing it!
 Ah, and finally, moving past Christmas...  Avery learned to ride her bike last month!  She's so excited!
 We've spent lots of time outside, because the weather's been so nice.  We went on a hike and ended up by this pier.  All those birds back behind the kids are pelicans!
 Also some time at the beach...
 Don't let these kids fool you though.  While they're running around in the water in shorts and bathing suits, I was dry up on the sand, feeling chilly, because it was only like 65 degrees with the wind blowing!
I don't know how kids can do that!
 But they were as happy as can be, despite being soaked and cold!
And our last bit of news is that Avery lost her first tooth a couple days ago!  Unfortunately, she didn't even realize she had lost it- we think it came out while she was eating pizza, but we couldn't ever find it!  It makes me sad, because I've kept all the teeth my kids have lost, and those first ones are extra-special! 
Well, I hope everyone is having a great new year!  I'm working on another dollhouse tour, so that should be up within a few days!  See ya then!

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Christmas House 2014

 Yes, I am finally posting some photos of my Christmas décor this year!  So grab yourself some coffee or tea, and get ready, because you're in for photo overload here!
 We start in my front room, which is where the tree resides.  The colors in here are usually aqua and lime green, so for Christmas I add a bit of turquoise and red, and it makes for a pretty color scheme.
 Opposite the tree is this wall, where I do a little display every year.  Things look pretty similar to last year, although I added the felt wall hangings I made.
 A closer view of the top of the cabinet...
 ...and of the inside.  It's dang hard to get photos with the glass doors, but you might be able to see more details here.
 Again I've got my FAO Schwarz dollhouse decorated on the top of my computer cabinet.  So far, I haven't decorated the inside of a dollhouse yet (like last year).  We have a new kitty this year who likes to jump inside the dollhouses!  So I'm not sure if I want the hassle of him messing it up every day, but we'll see...!
 A sweet little deer with a doll dresser behind...
 In the corner is a table with my numerous nativities.
 Then we move into the great room.  This is where the majority of the magic happens!
 A bit of a closer look.
 My biggest new addition to the décor this year was this red "bin" from Hobby Lobby.  It's a perfect location for extra vintage ornaments and trees, not to mention the great pop of holiday color!
 You may notice this wall is just a little more toned down than last year ("You call this toned down, Corey??").  This year, I gave myself permission not to use EVERY SINGLE DECORATION THAT I OWN, so a few things are still packed up for another year.
 I decided to frame all the photos of my kids with Santa (there are some funny ones- take a look here).  Most of the frames were ones I already had, but I bought a couple Christmas-y ones as well.
It's a little bittersweet though, because this year, my kids decided they were done with going to see him, even Avery!  I actually think they all still believe, but they just feel it's too "baby-ish" to go sit on his lap!
 Ah, and here's the big guy(s) himself!  I love, love, love my vintage Santas!
 Here he is with his sleigh and some reindeer.
 And some little guys amongst the doll furniture!
 The elf tree is on an end table next to the couch this year.
 Vintage ornaments and more mini Santas in a tray on the coffee table.
 I'm so glad I had the thought to put the bottlebrush trees in this container- so simple, but such a fun look!
 "Let it snow" is a bit of a push down here in Florida, but oh well- we can dream!
 Pages from a vintage Christmas book are propped up on the shelf.
 More sneaky elves!
 I actually painted the red frame to add a bit more color- it used to be just wood- tone.
 More vintage reindeer, with Rudolph!
 Oh, how I love the look of all the vintage ornaments- practically all found at thrift stores over the years...
 A tiny little sleigh on top of the doll dresser.
 And a little bit bigger sleigh on top of another doll dresser! (Good thing I've got enough doll dressers to go around!)
 The blond elf here is actually our "Elf on the Shelf".  He's named "Silly Pinnochio" and keeps us all entertained with his stunts!
 I just love the look of pastels mixed with the traditional red and green!
 The advent tree made its way over onto a wall in the kitchen next to my studio.  The kids love picking out which ornament to add each day!
 On the other side of the studio door is our vintage Christmas card hanger (found at a thrift store).
 And the final bit of decorating is this little spot in the kitchen.
 As you see, I took advantage of the red and green colors of this doll furniture!  It looks so cute up here, I almost want to leave it up year round! (If you're interested in the Poky Little Puppy book, there's some more pics here!)
And that is all, my friends!  I hope you enjoyed it!  And I hope you're all having a great holiday season thus far!
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