Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Six Months Old!

Well, it's hard to believe, but Noah was six months old yesterday! How did that happen? I swear I was just pregnant yesterday! On Riley's six month "birthday", I did a spread for him with a poem about a mother and her eldest child. Here is that spread:

So I thought I would follow suit and do something similar for Noah. Hmmm, easier said than done. Apparently nobody out there has written a poem about a second child! I searched on the internet forever, and couldn't find anything suitable. So, change of plans. Since I couldn't find a poem, I decided to just write a little bit about him instead.

He's becoming such a happy little boy who does a wonderful job of keeping himself busy, which is certainly a gift when I've got a 21 month old running around, demanding my attention. So I wrote this on his pages, to remind myself of what his personality was like at this stage.

The pages came about a little differently than they usually do for me. I can't remember the last time I didn't partially paint over a patterned paper to mask it somewhat. But on these pages, I didn't feel the need to cover the pattern on the right-hand page -- maybe since it's such a subtle, vintage-y feeling pattern. It bothers me a touch to have the mass-produced paper so visible, but oh well, I guess I just need to trust what the artwork tells me, and don't mess with it if I don't need to.

Happy 6 months, little Noah!


Lilli said...

Six months old already?! Oh my Goodness. What a lovely piece of art, and a wonderful journey of discovery ahead of you as you learn who Noah is :)

Tricia Scott said...

happy six months to noah! wow. the time sure does move right along. i really do love this new piece. i was thinking when i was at barnes and noble how anxious i am to see your new book!
****painting over the transfer was fun...i started another one last night. i played with it a little more tonight but i am not getting that "done" feeling...hmmm...maybe i will let it sit awhile and come back to it.

Tara Ross Studios said...

wow, where did the time go, I can't believe it!!! I still can't believe you have time to make art. Let's see some more Riley art, okay?

Hey, would you mind putting my link to my blog instead of my flickr account?

lia said...

yes, it goes by way too fast....where can I call or write about that? anyhoo...doesn't help that the stores are rushing us along too...I already see halloween and christmas stuff out...as if time wasn't already flying, they push it along faster...sniff.
p.s. what type of book/journal did you use for this current book you are working on for your son?

Corey Moortgat said...

Lia, the books I use are just used books from Goodwill, etc. This particular one is a book about working for the airlines. It's probably 7"x9"-nothing else very special about it! I do glue several pages together before working on them, and sometimes I gesso them, depending upon whether I'm feeling lazy or not!