Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Life

Sorry for not posting recently, but our camera has gone "Kaput!", so I haven't been able to download any photos of art I've done. However, it's all for the better, because we've ordered a totally cool, super-duper new one that I hope will take great photos, and it's a pretty red color to boot!

But I did remember that I had this photo already downloaded of the limited edition piece of art which was included with the signed copies of my book. I think most people have received theirs, so I can show it to all of you now. I didn't actually title it, but I guess if I did, I would call it "My Life". It says "Oh, how different my life is now. But I wouldn't change a minute of it." and "For my own self I live and for my children." I think the meaning to my own life is probably clear, but I tried to make it universal, too, so that it could apply to lots of people, since it will be going to lots of people.

I do still have a few of the signed copies left, but they're almost gone. A few people have expressed interest, but haven't given me contact information to which to send an invoice (Cindy S-E and Mary Lib-Stine), so if you guys are reading, please email me at appendageassemblage at hotmail dot com so I can send you an invoice!

And a big thank you to those who have written positive reviews for me on Amazon! I love hearing from people directly, but for some reason, having it out there on Amazon for everyone to read somehow seems so official!!

And finally, before I go, the lovely Erika tagged me a while ago, and I'm just getting around to playing. This is the one where you write something about each letter of your middle name. Mine's Marie (isn't everybody's?).

M: Mother- well, this one's obvious!
A: Anal-retentive- I'm completely anal about most things- how I decorate, how I organize, etc.
R: Responsible- You can always count on me-I'm incredibly responsible!
I: Imperfect- Sometimes I still need to remind myself that I'm allowed to be imperfect.
E: Energy-lacking- see "M" above!


jolene said...

Just got your book in the mail today. Love it.

warm regards,
jolene siana
author of go ask ogre ( a book you might like)

jolene siana said...

oopsie...looks like i posted under a non-existing account.
this is me actually...

jolene siana said...

And thank you! As I mentioned, I just got your book today and have only had a chance to breeze through it but it's really beautiful and inspiring.

I teach a zine writing workshop at the NYPL and your book will come in handy for sure!

Thank you!

Are you of Dutch descent? Ik kan een beetje Nederlands praten.

Holly Stinnett said...

I love dropping in to look at all the prettiness on your blog. Today I received your book... and boy oh boy... it's perfect. It will no doubt be one of my favorites. You have such talent.

All the best,
Los Angeles, CA

Tina in Seattle said...

I got my book and print today. Thanks so much. I can't wait to dive in.

Rosa said...

Corey! Brava on such a beautiful book. It is absolutely you (which makes it perfect). I am enjoying looking through it and I am so proud to own two of your pieces that I hang proudly in my bedroom. They are so special to me. Congratulations!

Faye said...

Corey - I just purchased your book and appreciate your emphasis on incorporating meaningful symbols from my own life. Am just getting set up to try some of your techniques. The book doesn't list a source for the metal feet you use to create your frames. Could you give me some suggestions? Appreciate it.
Faye Day

erika t said...

Wow! Rec'd the book and goodies today. Loved EVERYTHING you sent, can't wait to find a few extra minutes and work some of these great finds into something. Your book is fantastic, just what I had expected from you! You had some great tips in there and although I have only read a few pages, I thought you insight was great! Thanks! Can't wait to read a bit more this evening!

Corey Moortgat said...

Faye, I tried the email address you left, but it was returned to me... Anyway, I'll answer here in case anyone else is interested as well. I buy the box feet from ebay, although I should warn you that they are pretty difficult to work with. They’re meant to be soldered onto glass, not attached to wood! I think you can probably find ones made from wood at a craft store if you don’t want to deal with the headache, but I personally prefer the look of the metal, so I deal with it!

laura from coconutannies said...

Oh Corey!
The book is beautiful! I got a little time to really read it today and I just love your images and instructions! So easy to follow! I can't wait to try them!
I can see how Riley would inspire you! That pic. of him in the grass on pg.41 -that PERFECT little face!!! And I LOVE the sepia of him on pg.39 - very vintage looking and the lighting is great!I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with little Noah as well! I wish you the best - with your sweet little family and your book!
Hugs, Laura
p.s. I put a pic. of your book with a link to Amazon on the sidebar of my blog!

Kimla Kay said...

Hi Corey - your collage is so cute and I must tell you that I love your book and am just savoring it page by page. I'm reading it veeeery slowly because I don't want it to end. You did a fantastic job. We are all thirsty for more of your work!! The bear image I used on my fabric journal was from an old greeting card. If I find another in my junking jaunts, I will send it to you. Kimla

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book so far! I am just a little ways into it but wanted to say thank you for sharing your talent! Each page is beautiful and I'm looking forward to incorporating some of your techniques in my art!

Renee said...

LOVE your book . . . lots of cool inspiration!
all the best, Renée

Beth said...

Can you please tell me how to pronounce your last name ???
After I got your book, I was telling everyone at Valley Ridge Art Studio about it, and well, for the life of me (and others) we didn't know how to say your last name, so we just kept spelling it !! Thanks so much !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey - thanks for the info. re the metal feet. I was in such a hurry to send you a message I typed my email incorrectly! It's f-day@bethel.edu.
Appreciate it.