Monday, November 09, 2009

So Much to Show...

I've got so much to show you, but I know I would never get this posted if I took the time to write about everything, so I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves! Time just disappears with three little ones around, but as you can see, I've been productive in spite of the chaos!

Things I've Made

A collage about the three kids:

An entry in Avery's Journal about the blanket made by her Grandma and Great-Grandma:

An entry in Avery's journal about her sucking her hands:

A wall hanging for Avery's room with her birth info, hand and footprints, and first photos:

An entry in Noah's journal about becoming a big brother:

An entry in Noah's journal about his first day of preschool:

An entry in Riley's journal about becoming a big brother:

An entry in Riley's journal about turning four:

A yo-yo clown for Avery:

A revamped car seat for Avery (it used to be green for the boys-came out cute, but boy, I wouldn't want to do that again!):

Events That Have Occurred

Riley turned four:

He's as proud as can be!

Noah drew his first "happy face" (probably 1/2 luck and 1/2 intention, but it does look like a happy face!):

We picked out a really cute pumpkin:

Riley as Lightning McQueen:

Noah as Mr. Incredible/pirate (he insisted on the dagger, which he claimed made him part pirate!):

Things I've Bought

Vintage stitcheries:

Vintage lamb planters:

Little girl music box:

Baby face wall planters:

Little girl planter (love her!!):

Well, that's about it! I hope my (very) brief descriptions were acceptable, considering all the eye candy I gave you instead!
I'm getting excited about Christmas coming up! My local thrift shops are beginning to put out their Christmas stuff, so I've been on the lookout for yummy vintage ornaments and such. And speaking of vintage Christmas, check out this blog giveaway I entered- I hope I win!


lala said...

Love the collages, and your boys costumes are just too cute. Can I say that the redo of the carseat is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! That seat is just so darn cute - I love your fabric choices.

ArtsyMama said...

Hi Corey!!
What a wonderful, fun filled post. So glad to hear you're all doing so well. Your kids are just the cutest ever. Looks like you're enjoying your little darling and still making loads of goodies. You sure do keep busy! Thanks for the update:) Take care.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Avery is such a doll! And your boys are adorable, too! I love your newest journal pages! As a mother of three very small people also, I must know~ where do you find the time? I so want to make some journals for my boys while it is all fresh in my mind still. Enjoy your sweet babies!

Lilith said...

lots of eye candy that's for sure!!

Jamie said...

Oh Corey!! How do you do it all? Avery is so beautiful and growing fast. The boys? I can not believe how big they are getting!! They look like such good and attentive Big Brothers. Missed you while we moved, but we are finally getting settled in and back to normal. What ever THAT is! LOL!!!!! Love, Jamie

Family Valois said...

Wow! That's all I can say. How are you fitting in art time? I have three. My two are much older and my babe is 5 months, and I just pulled out all my supplies this week! I am so impressed!

Congrats on your beautiful girl. She is delightful!

a mermaids purse said...

Lovely journals corey! truely beautiful- loved the way u re-vamped the car seat-great idea!
and looked really professinal and great fabric combinations. love the way your imagery and art is so unique to your personal style- i love your journals and your children will cherish them in later years xxxx Avery is beautiful! ;0)

Shona Cole said...

Corey, wow, you are busy. I love all that baby art you have made.

have a blessed Thanksgiving.


lindaharre said...

Corey...............Love the journal pages!!!!!! What a precious baby girl:D THe boys are getting so big I can hardly believe it! How times flys.....

s a n s k u :) said...

thanks for finding the time to do a posting. awesome pictures. beautiful creations as usual. i wish you were my neighbor and a friend and i could do stuff with you. :)

Tara Ross Studios said...

Love seeing your updates about your children, they grow so fast! Thank you for sharing.


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Abracadabra said...

You are very artistic! I love your artwork!