Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh My, Has It Been That Long?

Okay guys, I have had these photos sitting here for about two weeks, awaiting some time for me to sit down and blog about them.  I just don't think it's going to happen!!  I'm sorry I'm such a bad blogger!  But, instead of waiting another couple weeks, I am just going to send this out into cyberspace with minimal description, and hope you guys can forgive me!

A piece I did on my 38th birthday.

A stand-alone piece- I like it-might try some more in this style!

Cover of Noah's latest journal.

Spread about Noah's many "collections".

Spread about cutie-pie Avery in a swimsuit.

Cover of Avery's latest journal.

Reversible necklace with the kids' silhouettes.

Little missy approves!

Vintage toy ironing board and iron I got!

I also found this vintage doll outfit that fits my handmade doll perfectly!

A pic of the lovely aqua underside of the ironing board.

A favorite recent find!!  Found at a children's consignment shop...

Dolly loves it!

I've eyed this Alice piece for the past year at a local antique shop, and snatched it up when I saw it at half price!

Cute thrift find.

Love these puppies!!

Got the Josef Christening angel on the top shelf for Avery's recent baptism.

Found this out thrifting!

Love the cover illustration on this book!

Here's the sweetie in her Christening gown.

Lots of fun times at the beach for us recently!

Okay, please forgive me for such brief descriptions here!  I'll try to do better next time.  And I've got a lot to show you next time as well- some great vintage scores, more journal art, and a yummy picnic blanket I made out of vintage sheets! 

(Unrelated, but if you believe in the power of prayer, please say a prayer for my cousin and his family.  Their 16-month old little boy fell into a swimming pool and went several minutes with no hearbeat or breathing.  He has suffered severe brain damage, and the outcome of his injuries are still to be determined.  Their family needs as many positive thoughts as possible right now...  
Update:  Here is a website that has been set up for more information about this heartbreaking story)


Family Valois said...

First off, I am so sad to hear such tragic news. Prayers sent.

so, now, after that, it seems trivial to say, but I am so glad you finally posted some new goodies. I get so excited to check you blog in hopes of new journal pages! Yay for me. I do understand though, as I also have three, and one of them is a babe!

Can't wait to see more great pages and fabulous creations!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh Corey, I am so sorry! I will pray for that sweet baby boy and the family.
Your new pages are wonderful, as always. Your little sweethearts are so adorable. Love the beach photos. Very cute vintage finds, too.

Lilith said...

I am soo sorry for this tragedy. My thoughts are going to the family...

your artwork is always so unique, and your photos are wonderful, so full of joy, your babies are really the cutest!... make me want to enjoy life as much as we can!
hugs to cutie AVery!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Hi Corey! I just found your blog. I've admired your work after seeing it featured in my favorite book by Shona Cole. I'm a fellow Floridian and mother of 2 boys, Noah (born Oct. 2005) and Seth. I'm excited to catch up on some of your past posts.

My prayers go out to your family members during this time of sadness.

Giovanna (GiGi) said...

Hi Corey, oh so sorry for your family. I pray he's improving each day.
I have been visiting your blog since I found your book while holidaying in Denver (2008) and keep being inspired by your fab style.
I've left you a little something on my humble little blog as a way of saying "Thank You". xoxo

lindaharre said...

Hi's been awhile...but so worth the wait! I love the children's books! Fabulous as always:D

Atiqa Zafar said...

hey! Your kids are adorable, seriously. Their toys and their pictures makes me reminisce my childhood days. My mom used to snap my and my stuff's pictures likewise. You are a wonderful mother.

Im an aspiring painter, Hope you'd take time to catch up with some of my work.

Thanks :]