Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let There Be Light!

 You may remember this blue-roof dollhouse as one I got at Christmas.   There were lightbulbs in this house, but the electrical cord was pretty rotten, so we removed it.
 Well, my hubby is a master Mr. Fix-It, and I now have working lights in the dollhouse!
 It's a little annoying that the cord comes out the front of the house like that, but that was the original design, so we left it that way.  I'll figure out a way to keep it mostly hidden.
It's my first house with lighting, so that's exciting!  Now I just need to finish decorating to take advantage of the full effect!


Dorothy said...

That is so awesome, I've never seen a dollhouse with lights. It really looks cool in the dark with the dollhouse lights on! You make me want to play dolls again! :-)

Kim K. said...

How fantastic! It's just charming, especially at night.