Monday, March 25, 2013

Just Some Cabinet Re-facing

 I've been working on the kitchen in my Rich tudor house.  (By the way, I just saw this same house sell on Ebay for over $500! Wow!).
Anyway, I purchased this kitchen set (not the table and chairs, but everything else) on Ebay.  There were photos of it, but it was hard to tell how poor the condition was until I got it in person.
 It's the same set that's in my 1906 house, and I love it in there, which is why I wanted another.
 Plus, this set came with additional cabinets and a broom closet.  But yikes!  As you can see, it has really been through the ringer- I'm not sure what happened to it over the years, but virtually all the paint was gone, in addition to several drawers.  It was pretty sad.
 So I finally decided to put in some time and refurbish it!  I scraped as much of the old stuff off as possible, and matched the paint color to my other set.  I cut balsa wood to fashion new drawers, and added knobs out of nailheads.  I have to say that it came out pretty well!  Much better than I had expected!
Only now, with all that off-white in there, it's looking a little blah.  I think I need some more color in there-maybe a new table or a tablecloth.  We'll see.  I'm almost done decorating this house, so it will probably be the next dollhouse tour I'll do! 
Hope you're all having a nice start to Spring. My kids are home for Spring Break right now, so hopefully it will be a fun week for us!


Dorothy Crutchfield said...

I'm looking forward to the tour and I love that little broom closet! You did a great job!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What a fantastic transformation. I'm glad you rescued those cabinets. They needed a little tender loving care and you did a wonderful job restoring them. I can't wait to share this post with my Mom tonight. Amazing how much money Rich and Keystone dollhouses are fetching right now. Makes me want to go hug mine tonight.

Elizabeth Andrus said...

What an interesting post! I was very curious about whether or not you are allowed to refurbish pieces this old. Whether you are or not, how could anyone not be tickled to death with the end results! Fabulous! It is always such a thrill when you share these pieces of history. Thanks so much1 Elizabeth said...

Wow, what a tremendous transformation! I agree, now the table needs a colorful cloth.
TFS. Peace, Donna