Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some New Things

Well, I think I have officially outgrown my studio!  As I mentioned last post, we were out of town for a bit, visiting my parents.  And one of my absolute favorite things to do is to go antiquing in a new town (or at least a town I haven't visited in a while).  I think my mother and I hit up probably seven or eight different antique malls during my time there, and I am now dealing with the effects of all those shopping trips!!
In order to fit all my new goodies into the room, I've had to do a bit of rearranging!  The above shelf was pretty full before, but I've had to really do some squeezing to fit a bunch more up there!
Not only did I buy a couple of items, but I needed to clear out some shelves from the other side of the room in order to fit a much, ahem, larger purchase (more on that in my next post!).  The doll dresser and doll bureau with the arrows above are new purchases- coincidentally, I already have the vanity dresser (with an attached mirror) that matches this set.
Here are a couple more shots so you can see the cuteness a little more closely!
I love the way it all looks, but honestly, I don't think I could fit a single more item up there!!
As you can see above, I also had to pack a bunch of my little porcelain collectibles into this small shelf space above my fabric.  Again, I don't think one more item will fit!
And ditto with the above shelves!  I'm telling you- no more room anywhere in there!!
I teased you a bit with my reference above to a large item that forced me to do most of this rearranging, but you'll have to wait until my next post for that!
However, I will show you more of the goodies that I was able to disperse throughout the rest of the house...
My globe collection has grown since you last saw it!  I've slowly been picking them up here and there from thrift or antique stores, and this past trip helped me round things out a bit!
Until recently, all the globes I had were the same size spheres, but I was able to find all the smaller ones on my trip, which adds so much more interest, I think!  Um, and oh yeah, I also got the blue tin dollhouse...  I thought it would work nicely with the globes, since many of them are blue tin as well.  Plus, I like to have a dollhouse out that the kids can play with, and this works great for that, since it's not as delicate as my others.  (Still haven't made a proper arrangement of artwork on this wall, which is why half the pieces are covered up- that's next on my to-do list!)
I also found the large globe above, so I made a smaller arrangement across the room above our pantry.
Finally, the last fun thing I'll show you is this adorable Suzy Homemaker oven!  It's a wonderful shade of dark aqua, and it lights up inside when it's plugged in.
I believe it was a precursor to an Easy-Bake Oven, and actually can cook things, but I replaced the bulbs with low-wattage ones so it doesn't get as hot.  Plus, the oven door automatically latches when it's too hot.

None of the kids would pose cooperatively when I was taking pictures, but they've already played with it quite a bit!  I came "this close" to also buying a similar larger pink oven, but knew I'd be in major trouble with the Hubby if I brought home two...sigh...!
And, speaking of Hubby, we celebrated our tenth anniversary while we were out of town!  We were married at a mountain lodge near Seattle ten years ago, so we went and spent our anniversary at a little log cabin bed-n-breakfast to remind us.  It was a perfect way to spend our special day!
Well, that's enough for me today!  I'll show you my last surprise goodie in my next post!!


Dorothy Crutchfield said...

That little aqua Suzie Homemaker oven is adorable!
And Happy Anniversary!

Musings from Kim K. said...

You really did find some fabulous things. I can never get enough doll houses or doll furniture. I can easily see why they ended up coming home with you. I'm going to be sending this blog post off to my mother and sister so that they can admire all your new treasures too.

Musings from Kim K. said...

PS. Happy Anniversary...you YOUNG things!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

AMAZING! I think that about sums it up! :)
Happy Anniversary!
Erica :)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Treasures galore! Oh my, you've got so many adorable things filling your shelves and cupboards, I could spend all day looking at them!

Happy Anniversary!

Simply Shelley said...

So many cute things,and you have them all displayed wonderfully....so fun looking at everything.....I seen some things from my own childhood....happy memories :) Blessings

Rose Garden Romantic said...

You have such cute collections! Love it all and Happy Anniversary!