Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Avery's Journal

Well, I know my last post was about being caught up on the boys' scrapbooks, but that doesn't necessarily hold true for Avery's!
But I'm not too far behind, so that's good.  Here are all the spreads that I haven't shown you yet...
 This first was about her first time going camping.  She LOVED it!  We used a tent for that trip (we've since bought a pop-up camper), so I used tent images on the pages.
 This next spread is about her absolute worship of her older cousin, Lucy.  They are the two girl cousins on this side of the family, so it's nice for both of them.  Luckily, Lucy doesn't mind her little cousin tagging along behind her, and it's a sweet thing to watch!
 Here is a spread about turning four.  I couldn't seem to get a great photo of this page- the colors are much prettier in person! 
And finally, a spread about Avery playing soccer last fall.  She was so excited to play like her big brothers, and especially to get her very own gold trophy!!
Hope everyone's doing well- we're all getting over a bout of the flu here, so we're happy to be on the mend again!

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Musings from Kim K. said...

Good for you on staying on top of Avery's Journal. I always love seeing what special embellishments you have added with your beautiful pictures. Such a special keepsake for your children.