Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bathroom Revamp

 I've been trying to find a good spot to hang the artwork from this post.  And the only place I could manage to find was in our main bathroom.  I've been looking to do some redecorating in there anyway, so this was the perfect excuse!
These were the only photos I could find of the old décor. (some from prepping for Avery's dance recital last year!) I'm terrible at doing before/after photos!!  But anyway, it's been lime green and aqua blue for eight years, ever since we moved into this house!  While it was cute, it's been getting a little old, so time for some new blood in there!
I chose the colors solely based on the artwork- and you know, I actually haven't heard one complaint about the pink, even though this is the main bathroom my boys use!
 Unfortunately, I'm not crazy about the white-washed peachy color of the cabinets, but we may try our hands at painting them a dark gray in the future.
Sorry this one's a touch blurry, but just wanted to show you the shower curtain I found at Target.
  I scavenged the house for storage containers that would work, and found the pink multi-layered tray and the wire basket to use.
 As you can see, I added a simple frame around the edge of the art.
 I also found this needlework, which I added the pink frame around, and the gray frame.  I printed the quote with a pink background to match.  It says, "What if I fall?  Oh, my child, but what if you fly?"
 Even found a pink bathmat to match at Homegoods!  (Again with the peachy/tan cabinets and tile, but guess we'll live with it for now!)
 Milo sleeps here at night, so of course he needed a new bed to fit with the new décor!
I like that this quote is now in the bathroom, because it's a room we all use multiple times a day.  And it's a sentiment we all should be reminded of multiple times a day!!


Diane Mars said...

Corey it really is a big improvement feels calming and I like that. My main bathroom walls are a blue called "calming space" I'm sure with the grey touches the boys shouldn't object too much! Good work!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wonderful makeover! Lovely, soft colors and fits perfectly with your artwork! Love the pink. Wonder if I could get away with that around here? :) The shower curtain is lovely!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I love the color combination of your bathroom transformation. It's just lovely. All your special touches everywhere. Perfectly YOU!

Patti said...

Your artwork is so charming - and, all the little touches that make this redo so nice. You chose a nice pink. I painted our bathroom pink once. It was a pepto bismol pink. Not so nice. Have a wonderful BIRTHDAY!

Two Moms and a Gma said...

Omg the pictures of you and Avery. LOOOVVVEEE