Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh My, Is It Hot!

It has been hot, hot, hot in Seattle, and it is really affecting my mood! For those of you who don't live out here, you should know that most of us don't have air conditioning, so there is just no relief from the hot, muggy air in the house. I have felt so sluggish and unmotivated the past few days, and am taking several catnaps throughout the day while Riley naps. Ugh! I hope it lets up soon so that I can get some energy back!

But, despite the heat, I do have a few fun things to show you. I went to Vendor Night at Fiberfest on Friday night. It was so nice and laid-back compared to Artfest- I actually prefer this to the frenzied mood of Artfest. I found some things that I'm really excited about. First, I got the cutest little stuffed bird pincushion from Lampe's Lumps. I actually probably won't use it as a pincushion, but just set it out to look at since it's so sweet! Then, from Tracie Lyn Huskamp, I got these neat flash cards and two fabric books. I am SO excited about the fabric books, especially the one with the little boy learning how to button, zip, etc. For some reason, he looks the way I picture Riley looking in a few years. I'm not sure what I'll do with the books yet- maybe just revamp them to make new books, or maybe frame the pages, or maybe use the pages in a quilt...we'll see. And you can see what I already did with one of the flash cards. Finally, I also got a little blue doll's dress, although I can't remember from whom.

And I've also finished my contribution to Lauren's project for the Motherhood/Bird Collaborative. I'm very pleased with the way my little eggs turned out- I liked working with the egg shape, as Lauren knew I would!

Okay, enough time on the computer for me. As I said in my last post, my arm is really bothering me lately from typing too much...


Lilli said...

The heat's been getting me down, up here in Vancouver too. My survival tactics are...

-drinking lots of water
-misting my face and much of the rest of me with a water spray bottle
-a huge fan that we got from Costco (this thing's like a plane propeller!)
-avoid sugar :(

You really got some lovely things, didn't you? I love fabric books.

Your eggs are exquisite!

Thanks for sharing, take care of your arm :)

lindaharre said... glad you posted! I have been waiting to see what you are up to! the pages for Lauren's book are wonderful....did I expect less? OF COURSE NOT! hope the heat breaks soon}:-( wish i could send you some a.c. xxxlinda

cori said...

What great finds, can't wait to see what you do with them! The eggs are beautiful, I've been craving seeing some of your new work. Thanks for the post, sending good thoughts for your arm! :)

Anonymous said...

such lovely finds. how much were the word cards if you do not mind me asking-- i didn't see them on Tracie's site? thanks.

Corey Moortgat said...

The flashcards were $9 for the set if I remember correctly...

MARYBETH said...

Ok.. the picture of your little one in the field is brilliant!
I love the mother hood bird collaberative .
IF it is any conselation to your heat woes it has been over 110 down here in the Johsua Tree Desert, but we do have cooling-or else id have up and moved to an igloo when menopause reared its 'cant handle the heat " change of life for me. Can you get a window unit? I also have one of those in my bedroom for these extreme heat times-late afternoon survival .
I invite you to cool yourself down by viewing pictures of my trip to Bryce NAtional PArk last month-oh how i wish i were there now in the cool, clean, kind air.
I adore the baby items you found - i have a precious six month old grandaughter to whom i have promised my daughter i will buy all things hand made for.