Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Self-Serving Request

Gosh, I feel a little wierd even asking this, but here goes:

If I were to write a book, what would you want it to be about?

So here's the story. I have a very good friend who is an editor for Northlight Books (a craft book publisher-they're the ones who did Claudine Hellmuth's books, among others). She continually asks me if I would like to write a book, but honestly, I'm not sure what I'd write about. I'm not the sort of artist who develops new techniques or uses cool new materials. I just do what I do, and it's not even that different from what a lot of other people do. I just don't know that I'd have enough material to fill a whole book.

So I thought I'd make a shameless plea to you readers out there. Since I know you all enjoy my artwork, could you do me a favor and tell me your thoughts? Are there things that I do that you'd like to learn? Are there subjects/themes I use that you want to know more about? Is what I do different enough to fill a whole book?

What I show on my blog here is my most recent work, obviously, but feel free to look at my past work as well if that gives you a better idea of my work as a whole. And although I've been doing a lot of fabric work and baby toys lately, I'd rather write about my collage work for a book.

Again, I feel sort of weird even bringing this up. It's as if I assume that people would want to buy a book that I've written. But I'm just at a loss for ideas myself, and I thought that maybe it's because I'm too close to my own work to be objective. So please feel free to give me your thoughts, even if they're to say, "You're work is too much like everyone else's- you couldn't support a whole book."

Thank you so much in advance for helping me out with this!!!


Lilli said...

I can certainly empathize with you about not knowing what to write about.

I don't have any ideas right now about how you could theme your book, but I can tell you that your work is NOT like anyone else's!

The book of yours that I would love to see would be about 6 feet tall, with gossamer pages of your art like curtains of colour that I could step through, like entering a beautiful magical garden.

Failing that, any book with your art in it will be absolutely wonderful :)

Elizabeth said...

As an aspiring artist, I'm always interested in established artists. I wonder about the process, but I also would love to know about more tangible aspects. Where do you get supplies. What topic do you search on ebay for materials, what vintage supplies do find readily available, and how much money do you actualy put into these. So many of the collage artits I've spoken to swear found objects are teir main source of materials, but what found objects??? Could I actually utilize the empty box of mac & cheese? Then there's the endless variety of store bought supplies. What glues do you use, what brands of paints and brushes? This whole genre is entirely subjective, but it's also about trial and error. You have a ton of experience you can pass on to us about what does work and what doesn't. I loved reading your post about not printing text, but pilfering it from an old book. I have a six inch thick dictionary from 1960 that they were going to throw away at work. I've started using it whenever I can. Something as simple as that lends a sense of authenticity to a piece that I didn't feel before. Now I try to avoid printing material as much as possible. I think we'd love to learn more about your inspiration and process. There's a noticeable theme in your work that's distinctly YOU, but I've also noticed you reaching into new areas and mediums lately. I was so focused on emulating someone else's work in the beginning, I took forever to create my onw style. And I was scared to start, and even more scared to stray from it. Reading your own thoughts on this, on your blog, was encouraging and helpful. I think a lot of artists just want to know they aren't alone in their experiences. You can give that to them.

Anonymous said...

i'm fairly new to your site / blog. i found you through a link on another blog.

your frames are what first captured my attention and i can't wait for your feature in somerset...what an awesome publication.

i own both of claudine's books and have taken a class from her. since i learn better by hands on (not so much by a "technique" book...) i'd be really interested in a DESIGN book. how do you select the papers and items that you include in your collages & frames? how do you decide what "goes" with what? how do you decide when your work has "balance?" and then what sorts of products do you use for putting it all together (adhesives, etc.)

it's the initial thought process that gets me...why do you think the way you do?

your work is so beautiful and inspiring! please do a book!

Joan said...

Dear Corey, I agree with those who have posted before me: you must write a book! Your work, your perspective, are unique and if you wish to share that, there are a lot of us out here who would love to read it! I, too, love your frames (and am the proud owner of one!) and I am interested in the assemblages you have posted as well as your collages. How you do such wonderful work from one little Ballard cart (and with a baby, to boot!) amazes me. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Many great comments already, Corey.

I enjoy projects that motivate me to try something a "different" way --perhaps in a way that I hadn't thought previously of doing something.

I think your frames.... the memory books you are creating for your son.

....the soft books--who says a soft book has to be only for children? to incorporate your own self images and/ or images of self into a painting/collage, etc.

These are ways you use to convey yourself as an artist and perhaps others would be inspired to think about using these mediums as well..

I certainly would be inspired and would love to purchase your book!

Ulla said...

Corey! How wonderful!!! I would love to see a book on using your own images and/or creating art that is personal to yourself and family... You use so many wonderful techniques, but i especially love your multi-media backgrounds and how you incorporate photos (old and new) and drawings into your art... Hope that helps... Cant wait to see the final result!!!

Rose said...

Hi Corey,
I am finally compelled to post a comment after being an anonymous reader of your blog for the past couple of months.
I love your art...and your work is truly an art as opposed to craft. Your self portrait paintings only reaffirm this.
I was initially drawn to the world of collage art/altered art after roaming through a newly opened Micheals store (first one in my area). I thought I might find a good deal on canvases, when I passed by a magazine about altered books. (it was probably Somerset) I thought it was a neat idea, and so I did a little searching online to see what it was all about. That's how I found your blog. And of course I found many others, but yours is the only one I can't wait to read. So many others display almost identical work, it's hard to tell one from the next. Although your art has some commonality with the others, it is a truly fresh and fearless take on this genre.
I love the use of paint in your work, and little scraps of things here and there. I also like how your work is nonuniform.
I would most definately buy a book written by you.
I agree 100% with the previous comments. I would like to know more about your technique from start to finish. What supplies do you use? What sorts of things do you use the computer for?

So there's my two cents. But please don't hold back from your blog by saving things for the book!!

kathy welsh said...

A book by you would be fabulous! I wonder, does it have to be about technique, or could it be about your process, your feelings as you make art, etc.

I think a book just of your work would be something I would happily buy. Maybe a few simple techniques, but mostly just your art. Or maybe your art with a bit of journaling? Art books about artists like Picasso, Gauguin, etc. just show their work. And I love to look at just that without technique being involved.

It's so funny that you wrote this post, because last week I was thinking how great it would be for artists in our area of interest to have a book just showcasing our work. I prefer to look online now at artists who inspire me rather than books a lot of times, because artists like yourself are doing work in the same genre that I am, and that's a lot more exciting to look at.

Anyway, I think that's fabulous that you're considering a book. Good luck and keep us posted!

moki said...

Consider that some of your readers are great artists like you, that do know how to do your techniques. However, people like me :) have barely a clue on where to begin. I havent been able to find more than 2 books on techniques step by step. And only one of them was good.

Was it you who posted you would never write a how to book though?

delila said...

What i have learned from you as an artist are the depth and colors. And that you can put anything on top of people's head ;)

I would just LOVE to buy book which you would have wrote. Your style is really unique and gives lots of inspiration.

Maybe you can write about collage painting, about color world...

lindaharre said...

corey......what a compliment to be asked to write a book:) you go girl! i tend to agree with Ulla, that a book about using your own images and art work would be wonderful. i am sure whatever you eventually come up with will be wonderful! technique always captures other writing about the thinking process and seeing illus. of that process would be helpful to others:)

ArtsyMama said...

I think just the expressive "freestyle" nature of your work would be fun to write about. LOVE how you combine so many elements. There are a lot of "how to" books, I'd love to hear more about your process, your style. How you've evolved, what inspires you and how that all fits in. That's my two cents!

herself said...

I am a big believer in every man, woman, and child producing a book every year of their life. They aren't sacred sacrosanct private worlds of the privileged any longer. Today, if one has a computer, one can send text and images to a digital press and receive a beautiful, full color hardbound book with dustjacket, the whole nine yards for peanuts and then sell copies directly to the public through sites, etc. many books we buy online, such as through Amazon, are actually printed and shipped to us in a matter of days without our knowing the difference any more!

YOU are a marvelous artist, highly creative person, with much worthwhile to say actually. So, by all means, with a rare invitation from a publisher? GO FOR IT!