Sunday, March 04, 2007


I've gotten a couple more things done in the past few days, amidst the naps, the feedings, the trips to the store, and the games of "I'm gonna get you!". Firstly, I made a slipcover for the crib bumper to match the new curtains in Noah's room. Here's a photo of him on top of it.

It isn't in the crib yet because I still need to add the ties that attach it into the crib. But I think it came out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! And the most amazing thing is that the only fabric I purchased for it was the offwhite chenille for about $9! Everything else was from my fabric stash- it really didn't take a lot of any one kind of fabric, but it did take lots and lots of small "squares" of different fabrics. But I think it's the cutest! Next step in there is to paint the walls (that's Jason's territory, so it will have to take a place in his endless queue of "honey-do's"...).

I also finished the first spread in Noah's book. It's a spread about the details of his birth. I did a similar one in Riley's book when he was born. I am just so afraid that I'll forget the details of how things took place, so I wanted to get them down on paper. This birth was so different from Riley's. With Riley, I had an epidural for probably a good 10 hours, so I was so much more aware of everything that was happening since I wasn't in pain. But without an epidural during Noah's birth, I wasn't able to focus on anything but my pain, so I sort of feel like I missed a lot. But oh well, it was different, but it was still as wonderful!

So anyway, I also used some significant items in this piece. The "It's a Boy" plastic piece was in a bouquet of flowers sent by Noah's grandfather when he was born. And the blue crepe paper was hanging from a "Welcome Home, Noah!" sign that his aunt made when we returned from the hospital. I always like to use mementoes like this when possible. In fact, there's a whole section in my book about it!

I'm not sure what my next project will be. Maybe I'll start doing some work in Riley's room... I'll keep you all posted!


Mary Ann said...

What a sweet sweet your art journal pages. Can't wait to see more. I just found your blog, but don't remember how. So many links , so little time!

UK Girl said...

What a beautiful baby, he looks so at home on that bumper, must know it was sewed with lots of love. As a Mummy of two boys (7 and 1) I know you have your hands full now :-)

Kind regards,

Paula (UK Girl)

Holly Stinnett said...

What a darling little baby. And how very, very special to be creating such a lovely book. I always loved the other one you made for Riley. You're so clever and talented.

imadethis said...

Noah is a very handsome baby. Congratulations. I love your work! And the pictures of you pregnant at the beach are beautifully artistic. I wish I'd had some taken so I could look back and celebrate the pregnancies. Pregnancy amnesia always helps the appreciation along a bit, I find!

Rosa said...

Love the bumper and love the book. I don't know how you do it. I'd still be zombified!