Friday, March 30, 2007

Some Art I've Been Working On

Way back (about a year ago!), I got involved in a collaborative with Pam and a couple others with the theme of Motherhood/Birds. Well, life got hectic, as you all know, and I never had a chance to work in Pam's book. So I have finally taken the time to do it, and here are the results. The top piece I really love, but I'm not so crazy about the second piece. Here they are:
Here's a detail of the piece I like:

And here's the one I don't like so much:

Then I also made a frame for her, sort of as a thank-you for waiting so long, but also as a thank-you because she sent me a wonderful vintage baby album a couple months ago when she heard I was pregnant. What a sweetie! Anyway, this stuff got sent out a couple days ago, so will probably arrive at her house while she's away at Artfest. I'm sure it will be quite a surprise to come home to, as she's probably forgotten all about this collaboration at this point! I hope she likes it all! Here's the frame:

I also did a spread in Riley's book about him learning to talk. He says about four things at this point, the cutest being "thank you" every time you hand him something. I struggled a lot with this spread, but in the end, I'm really pleased with the results. Here it is:

Finally, I did a spread in Noah's book as well. It's about him being fussy and spending a lot of time in this swaddling wrap that I bought. He's a tremendously sweet baby, but I think I got a little spoiled with Riley, who literally never cried as a baby. So a normal fussy baby is new to me! Thank goodness for this wrap, because he loves it in there! Here's the artwork:
I've also been doing a bit of decorating in the boys' rooms, especially Noah's, but I'll wait for another post to show that. I haven't taken photos yet, plus I'd like to be closer to finished before I show how things look... So I'll leave you with a glimpse of what a lot of my day looks like:


cori said...

Ooh, so many gorgeous goodies! Thank you for sharing, everything is beautiful as usual. :)

lindaharre said...

I love it all.......especially the pics of the three of you! So precious and full of love:)

Daniele Valois said...

oh, I know this post is old, but I love it soooo much. I adore this art, the birds and the roofs, and I love the pic of you and your boys. I know fussy baby. Those wraps were a savior!