Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Creeping and Standing

Just a quick post to show Noah's latest journal spread. This past month, he's learned to "creep"- not quite crawl, because he doesn't lift his stomach off the floor, but he certainly gets around regardless! And he's also begun pulling himself up to a stand, on just about any piece of furniture he can reach.

It's kind of an odd color combination, but I somehow had to work in the purpley-brown of the photo with the reds, blues, and oranges of the little boy illustration- a tough group of colors! It was difficult to blend them all in, but in the end I'm happy with the result.
The next set of pages I need to do for both boys are Halloween pages. I'd better hurry up though, because before I know it, it will be time to do Christmas pages! It's just so easy to fall behind on these books- kids grow up too fast!!


suzi finer said...

visually delicious.

Carolyn said...

Just had to say "hello " , i found you from Artsymamas blog . I have bought your book here in the uk , and waiting in anticipation to read through it all .
I love all your artwork !

amyrehnae said...

I just found your blog...(through artsymama)beautiful work! I am in dire need of your book! I would love to have a signed copy with a print if you still have any...just let me know! I am in awe of how you do it all...mother, artist, writer...hopefully you let us in on that secret in your book too?? Hey, a girl can hope!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

More wonderful pages! It's going to seem like forever waiting to get your book for Christmas! I'm itching to start my books for my kids, but I'm waiting till I get your book for inspiration and instruction! :)

coconutannies said...

Hi Corey!
I'm confident that you can make ANY colors work! Noah's page is great!
Pop over to my Blog when you get a minute - I posted a little plug for your book - which I am enjoying OH SO MUCH!
Hugs, Laura

Erika Tysse said...

You still continue to amaze me. I mean, keeping up on a journal? Sheesh, I gave up on that after my first kid! Poor number three is left with nothing! You are truly and inspiration!

Carolyn said...

Hi Corey !
Just to let you know i have got your wonderful book , at last !
It is written and printed beautifully , and it has given me some inspiration !
Such a shame i missed getting a signed copy from you !

jeanette janson said...

Hi Corey-
Ok...I finally got your book, the last one at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's wonderful, thank you for sharing your techniques and instruction with us. I am half way through and reading every word! I just wrote a review on Amazon as well. Can't wait to get back to it!
Have a good day- Jeanette