Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Art & Some Easter Pics!

Here's some artwork that I've fit in between dr.'s visits, two kids' completely opposite nap schedules (argh, I'll be glad when Noah has successfully transitioned to one afternoon nap, so that they can be on the same schedule...), and other miscellaneous life events!

This is a piece I did yesterday:
I've discovered another artist who completely inspires me. Teesha Moore wrote about him in her latest issue of Art & Life. He's from Tokyo, and honestly, I can't even really find his real name, other than Hal, but here's his website. I am just blown away by some of his stuff, and it just seems to really fit into where I'm trying to go with my art right now. So the piece above is what I did after looking at his stuff. To see it in more detail, you can enlarge it on my Flickr site.

I've also done a spread in Riley's book:

In the past few weeks, he's become really obsessed with the alphabet, which is really fun for me. I've been teaching him all the letters, and in the matter of about two weeks, he's learned the whole alphabet. He LOVES the letter "W", with "M", "X", and "O" following close behind!

The last piece I've done is for Somerset Life:

I'll only show a portion of it, since it's going to be published. I honestly don't know which issue it will be in, but the theme was about self-portraits.

And then I thought I'd show some funny Easter photos. We went to a little Easter egg hunt at a park near our house. I wasn't sure what Riley would think, since he hasn't ever really done a hunt before. There were eggs scattered all over the lawn of the park, and we had to wait along the perimeter until they blew a whistle to start. As you can see, he seemed excited to go out and pick them up:

Then the whistle blew, and he hurriedly ran out to grab the first egg:

About five feet in, he saw the chaos of all the kids also running out, and here was the sight:
Poor Riley! He was completely scared, and wouldn't go back out... Oh well, I guess we'll try again next year!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Great new pieces! I especially like the ABC one. Poor little Riley- so cute!

Cambria said...

I love your blog. You have great pictures. I'm 12 and I have a business making handmade jewelry. I just started a site on ETSY and a blog about my work. I just had to tell you how much I like your stuff. Cambria

Tara Ross Studios said...

I remember that same face when Alex was that age. The running kids were too overwhelming!

I like your new work but can't really see it too much larger on flickr, you have the sizing disabled.

I love Hal's work too! said...

I so enjoy looking at your artwork and this latest with the little walkway and the two chairs - I like it in a way that I liked Beatrix Potter pictures as a kid. Keep up the good work and I know how hard (but that's not the right word) it is while also be a great mom and engaged in all the things the kids do. Funny thing, though, when our kids were little, that's when my creativity kicked in (freelance journalist) and I've been doing it ever since.
I always check back to see what you're up to on paper. I am a beginner working with paper but love color and photos. I will now check out Hal and see what he's up to.
Looking forward to more of your "pods."