Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've Been Busy!

Lots of stuff to show, but not a lot of time to write, so I'm going to make my descriptions brief! I hope the photos do enough to speak for themselves!


A piece I did while feeling parentally challenged:

Detail of text:

Cover of Riley's fourth book:

Lined up with his others:

A piece in Noah's book:


Thrift/Antique finds-I've been lucky lately!

plaques-$0.59, figurine-$0.95:

$1.25 each:

large deer-$10.00 each, small deer-$5.oo each:

$4.00 each:

whole bunch-$1.95:

large one-$2.99, small one-$1.99:


left one-$1.50, right one-$3.00:

$1.00 each:

$0.95 each:

and quite possibly my best thrifted find yet..... $4.95 for the whole lot!:


Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Love your pages! And all those thrifty finds are great! Especially the houses! A very lucky find!!!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

the pages are wonderful! and those thrift finds...oh my! love all that pink and blue too! BUT the best is the little houses (I make my own) and I just covet those!

ArtsyMama said...

Your pages are absolutely gorgeous. Love how raw and authentic your work is. Always an inspiration. Your sentiment in the first piece is spot on how I feel as well.

Family Valois said...

These pages are exceptional. I can feel the struggle within you. It is a struggle, i believe, that all stay-at-home mothers share. Challenging yes, but worth it, I promise.

Absolutely love your work!

Sandra L. said...

Wow, the images on those plaques, of the little blue lambs--my mother put the same ones on my dresser when I was a baby! She still has the dresser in her basement. I was born in 1964 so that should give you an idea of how old those decals are.

Tammy Akervold said...

I am always SO happy to see that you've posted...your artwork always inspires, and your finds are fun to drool over as well! I really love the cover of Riley's new book! I can totally relate to the struggles of motherhood. My oldest is 20. It is so hard to pour soooo much into your children, only to have to let them go. But, it IS worth it, yes?

Family Valois said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Honestly, at this point, my kids are much older, I only have about one of those a month...unlike the toddler days, they were everyday! Hang in there, i'm sure you're doing great. (But yes, it is nice to know other women struggle too!)

erika tysse said...

Wow! you have been busy creating and shopping! I have one of those wooden German things that I take out every Christmas. The one you have looks exactly like mine! Love the works too, I have been keeping an eye ouut for some Norwegian books for you but nothing yet! Thanks for taking the time to post all of this!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wonderful new pages and the journaling is SO true!! Adorable vintage finds, too!!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

Hang in there, girl! I like how you expressed yourself and the challenges of being a mama in your artwork. Very nice, and it's bound to be therapeutic! Great thrift store finds too. I haven't had such good luck lately.

Cami said...

Love all your new artwork Corey! Wonderful as always.

And tremendously good shopping. The putz houses are incredible. Now you need to find a bag of bottle brush trees for $1!

Anonymous said...

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