Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pre-Baby To-Do List

Checked Off on the To-Do List

1. Get to the "uncomfortable every minute of the day" stage of pregnancy (these photos are from 29 wks, and I'm now at 33 wks, so even bigger...). CHECK!

2. Reorganize Noah's room into a "big boy room" in order to move the crib into the new baby's room. This includes:

2a. Attempt to throw out some "hints" about "big boy" things to do (like picking up toys). CHECK!

2b. Take apart the crib bumper I made him when he was born, and turn it into a toddler bed quilt. CHECK!

2c. Rearrange the room multiple times and rehang everything on the walls in order for everything to fit properly. CHECK!

3. Reorganize Riley's room into a "BIG big boy room" in order to move the toddler bed into Noah's room. This includes:

3a. Rearrange the room multiple times and rehang everything on the walls in order for everything to fit properly. CHECK!

4. Begin decorating New Baby's room. This includes:

4a. Have Husband paint walls lavender and pale yellow. CHECK!

4b. Finish making curtains. CHECK!

4c. Outfit crib: Find crib bumper at thrift store that matches color scheme perfectly so that I don't have to make one from scratch. CHECK! Repurpose twin-size bedskirt found in thrift store into crib-size bedskirt so that I don't have to make one from scratch. CHECK!

4d. Crafty projects: Repurpose vintage high chair into doo-dad holder over changing table. CHECK! Make frames for cute felt animals from
Jenny. CHECK!

4e. Generally decorate and hang cute vintage things around room. ALMOST CHECK! (still a few more things to do, but getting there)

5. Find time to do some journal spreads in the kids' books. This includes:
5a. Spread in Riley's book about how his eyes have turned from blue to olive green. CHECK!

5b. Spread in Noah's book about his new "big boy" bed and the kitty companion that seemed to accompany the bed. CHECK!

5c. Spread in Baby's book about this stage in the pregnancy. CHECK!

6. Prepare for and teach all-day workshop at library (mentioned a couple posts ago). CHECK! (the class went great, and I was the recipiant of this lovely gift from one of my students-thanks, Jane!)

Not Yet Checked Off on the To-Do List

1. Convert Riley's toddler bed quilt into a twin-size quilt (this one is low on the priority list, but still bothers me)

2. Refinish, paint, and find knobs for Baby's dresser. (I'm thinking about painting it lavender and putting vintage decals on some of the drawers)

3. Recover rocking chair in Baby's room. (I've ordered a vintage pink chenille bedspread from Ebay to use for fabric- just waiting for it to arrive)

4. Despite the reminder sign in Noah's room, get the kids to ACTUALLY pick up their toys! Bending over and picking up toys is definitely not a fun thing to do at this stage of pregnancy!


Anonymous said...

What a fun process to see--thanks for sharing!

donnaj said...

you've been busy! lovey room for a girl~

lindaharre said...

So good to hear from you and know that all is well! Your nursery is looking so sweet! WE just had a baby girl, Madison, June 5th......all ruffles and bling:)

Tammy said...

All the rooms look darling, Corey! You have been sooo busy!! The baby's room is sweet, sweet! And those journal pages...LOVE!
Keep goin' mamacita! You'll get it all done!

Holly - UK said...

ahhh im so happy that ur having a baby girl!thats all i want too! :)
corey, i got an email from you a while back saying that you didnt recieve my email, but i know before its gone to your trash box, so its likely thats happened. oh well, i'll just have to send it again.....cant wait to see the photos of your baby girl!!!! are you going to surprise us with her name!!!? cant wait to hear all about it xx

Anonymous said...

Corey, you are inspiring me by how much you have accomplished. I always have that kind of list before a baby comes, but I have never been quite that successful! Everything looks great. I like the idea of repurposing a bedskirt. That would save a lot of time gathering on the machine.

Joy for the Journey said...

Corey - HOW ADORABLE! I love every inch of it. You're getting a lot done, girlfriend! Thanks for keeping us posted!
Sarah :)

Jane said...

I wondered how you're getting along? It looks like you're almost all set here - lovely room! I wonder if you've already had your baby? Looking forward to pix when you get time to update your blog.

Sure did enjoy "Playing with Blocks" at the library!! I was so surprised to see the photo of the little old record here - definitely vintage!

Best, Jane - Jacksonville