Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Vintage" Christmas Stockings

A couple years ago, Pam Garrison posted photos of a Christmas stocking she had made for her son.  Ever since then, I've had it in my mind to make similar stockings for our family.  I've been collecting vintage holiday felt bits and bobs, and decided to tackle the project this year!  Here are the results!

Each one is comprised of some vintage bits from old stockings or old appliques and some new cutouts that I did.  I have to admit that I took the easy way out and glued most things down instead of sewing, so I'm crossing my fingers they'll hold up!  If not, I can always go back and stitch them down at a later point.

I hope it's not too big-headed to say that I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out!!!  The colors and the vintage handmade look were exactly what I was going for!  If you're interested to see a few more shots, as well as some closer looks at the individual stockings, they're on my Flickr page....

We also have some cross-stitched stockings that my mother-in-law made, so I'm going to have to go shopping for more stuff to fill TWO stockings for each kid now- ha ha!

Hope everyone's holiday season is going well!


Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

I love the stockings- great vintage look. Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

wow.. those frames are stellar! nice job


Julie said...

They're fabulous! So cute!

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey Doll,
"Happy New Year!"
Have A Fabulous 2011!

Melissa Taylor said...

Found these on Pinterest and I LOVE these!! They remind me of my childhood! I want to steal this idea... :) Thanks for sharing!