Saturday, May 14, 2011


My heart always flutters when I see the photo Rachel uses for her "Vintage Here, Vintage There" segments. I think it's so pretty to see all the little vintage dresses lined up!

Well, as you can see, I now have my own photo of pretty little vintage dresses, thanks to Friday's trip to my favorite thrift store!

Let me preface this by saying how amazing this store is-it's the sort of place you can literally stay all day, because by the time you've made your way through the store, they're bringing out new stuff where you started.  But, with that said, I've never really had much luck with vintage clothes there. 

Friday, however, was a different story!  As I was going through the toddler clothes, I came across one after another, after another, after another,....all sized between 18m and 3T- exactly the size Avery's wearing right now!  Frankly, I kind of wish the sizes were all different, because she's going to have a hard time wearing them all before she outgrows them! 

They are all so adorable-take a look:

 These long-sleeved ones are Polly Flinders- I hope they still fit her when cooler weather comes...

 Oh, I love this little striped pinafore...!

 And this one has a removeable topper- so that it can be worn with or without the duckies!

 Sigh... this pink smocked one is so sweet...!

This bubble romper actually wasn't from the thrift store, but it came in the mail (from Etsy) the same day as my big score, so I thought I'd include it, just for the sheer adorable-ness!!

And just because this photo's so pretty, I'll put it up again!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


DebsArt said...

oh what a great find, they look like they are in great condition too. My little girl Poppy is almost two and wearing that size too. I keep meaning to sew some vintage clothes but don't seem to find the time.

Lil Muse Lily said...

WOW!! those are all awesome!!

Edith's Closet said...

Oh my did good! So many pretties!

ingrid said...

Goodness me! I want to bring my daughter over to play dress ups in your closet!
What a lucky Friday that was!

sew grown said...

I love that baby romper!!! I also love the blue pin stips with flowers on the bottom. Good finds!!!