Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Art

 As promised, here is the piece of art I did for my birthday this year.  There is meaning to a lot of the parts, but mostly it's about how this past year, I've been working on finding harmony between various parts of my life.  I love the colors, and am still enjoying exploring the contrast between organic shapes and more geometric shapes.

  To see some of my past birthday pieces, look here or here or here or here.

I haven't shot photos of my birthday presents yet, but there is definitely some eye candy there once I get to it, so stay tuned!

(Blogger's not allowing me to comment on other blogs for some reason today, so here's info for those of you who inquired about Avery's shoes from my last post.  They are from a company called "Angel", which appears to be a modern company (not vintage).  But I got them at the consignment shop, so don't know where to get more.  I love them though, and would welcome any info about where to purchase more of them!) 

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creatingme said...

I love how your personal style shines! I can spot it a mile away.