Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me & Other Milestones

I celebrated my thirty-sixth birthday over the weekend, and again was reminded of how uneventful birthdays can become once you're an adult, and especially a mother! I always sort of expect to have a day where I get to do anything I want. Well, I guess if cleaning up toys and taking care of cranky kids is what I want, then I got my wish! Ha ha!

No, I'm kidding (sort of...!). It was actually a pretty nice day. We went to the beach in the morning, my sisters and their families came over for cake in the evening, and my husband took care of the kids for a few hours so that I could do my annual birthday piece of art.

I'm real happy with the way it turned out. Each little "room" of the house signifies something about the last year of my life. The journaling reads, "It's been a year of trying to find BALANCE. Balancing my weight (I lost a bunch of weight after Noah was born), balancing my own time with the kids' time, balancing responsibility between Jason and myself. Sometimes up, sometimes down."

One thing I'm really pleased with is the little bear family. These were actually all separate images that I placed together and modified to form the grouping. They worked perfectly to represent me and the two kids, and my husband watching us.

Then, besides my birthday, we've also had some other small milestones in the house lately. The first is Noah learning to talk. He's been saying a couple words for several months now, but now all of the sudden he's talking up a storm, learning new words every day! So I figured I'd better do a spread in his book about it... Two of the first things he said were "bye-bye" and growling like a lion, so I illustrated those, then also listed several of the other words he's now saying.

And, how thrilled do you think I was to see this come out of Riley today??

I know the little labels I've written are probably too small to read, but we've got eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, hands, and shoes! For a few days, I've sort of suspected he was drawing "face-like" images, but everytime I'd notice them, he was already onto something else, so I wasn't sure if it was just a fluke. So today, I sat and watched him draw, and sure enough, he told me what each of the items were as he drew them! I'm just so excited, because now the fun begins with his art, instead of just scribbles and stickers!

I'll leave you with a laugh today. Here is where I found Noah a few days ago. Don't let his innocent little face fool you- he can be a real troublemaker sometimes!


ittybittybirdy said...

Oh my! And I thought my dog being in the toilet was something to see!
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a terrific year :)

Chelsea Ann ♥

cori said...

happy birthday corey! love the art, and that last pic is *hilarious* :)

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you had some time to create that day! Your piece is beautiful and very symbolic! That pic. of your son is priceless..LOL!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

lol. Noah in the toilet is too funny!
I really do hope you had a wonderful bday!!!! LOVE your new art sweetie!! xo Britt :-)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wonderful new pieces! The little bear family is so sweet and the one with the growling is so cute, too! Love your use of symbolism in all your artwork. Happy Birthday to you!! And I know just what you mean about the birthday expectations and reality being a bit different with two little boys to care for! LOL!

leewoodside said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was on Friday.

Jenn said...

That is too funny! I have a two year old boy (as well as two girls 9,7) and I cannot believe the things he gets into.... at least I know I am not alone!

Cami said...

Happy Birthday dear, talented Corey. You bring me constant inspiration between your artwork and your pure honesty. Soon the face will have limbs. And the limbs will have their own appendages. It really is magical. My son never got in the toilet, but he flushed a small city down potty between the ages of 18 mos and 3 yrs or so... ;)

lindaharre said...

Corey.....Happy Birthday.....and...you will get those days to yourself....just be patient! The sad part is that when they come...you miss these days that seem soooooo hectic! Trust me, I have been there. Enjoy every little toilet dip and tussle.....before you know it it will be over:D

Rosalyn-Sue said...

Happiest birthday to you -- I certainly understand your comment on balance. I'm juggling grad school, running a non-profit, taking care of a baby (well, not really a baby anymore -- he's Noah's age), and being a military wife to a husband who is perpetually deployed. So very happy to ready your post -- see your inspiration artwork -- and know I'm not the only Mom out there with little boys in the toilet :)Where in FL are you? I live half-time at the Navy base at the border near Jacksonville.



Erika Tysse said...

yes happy bday!

Karin said...

Hi Corey! Happy Birthday! I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your book. Love it!!I adore your art and your style. I got it yesterday and was just mesmerized by every page. I so want to start a journal of my boys and feel so overwhelmed by the whole process. But I really like how your book breaks it down.......On another note, I am LOL at that picture! I have a 3 year old (and 7 year old). While he's never gotten into the toilet he did get his head stuck in a chair once....Karin@creativechaos.typepad.com

Rosa said...

Hope he flushed before he crawled in! Poor you. Oh the memories. You will have more wonderful birthdays ahead. Try and remember that. Time will fly and then you will wonder where your babies are. Happy belated birthday!

Corey Moortgat said...

Rosalyn-Sue, anytime I'm feeling overwhelmed, I'm going to remind myself that I have it easy compared to you!! Wow, you've got a lot going on! I wasn't able to respond to you directly, since your comment didn't link to a blog, so I hope you check back here... You asked where I live- near Jax, so close to you!

Victoria said...

OMG - this is an awesome photo you need to submit to someone somewhere i'm sure it would win