Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Journal Pages

Even though I have more fun doing the sort of art I showed in my last post, I still feel drawn to work in the boys' journals. I do have to admit that at times it feels like a "chore" to work in the journals when I'd rather be doing "fun" art, but every time I complete a spread, I'm glad I did it, because I know how much these journals will mean to me (and hopefully them!) as we get older.
The first is in Riley's book, about his favorite color, yellow. He is really obsessed with it! I think it began with his favorite pacifier, which was yellow, and then progressed from there. Now, it is definitely his first preference if there's ever a choice between colors. The photo is of him standing in front of a wall with yellow pieces of paper on it, which resulted from a game we play about colors. As you can see in my journalling, he has a little trouble pronouncing it, so it comes out "yeyyow"!

It's funny, because my plan was to do the whole spread in almost entirely yellow. Obviously, that didn't happen- I just couldn't seem to get things to work. But I still think it feels like a "yellow" piece for his sake!
The second spread is about Noah's first haircut. There wasn't much to cut, but he was getting a pretty long curl in the back, so he was risking looking like a kid from the 80's (remember those "tails" people had? Yuck!). He was perfect throughout the haircut, just sat and watched. I kept a little bit of the curl from the back and glued it to the page here.
It's staying consistently warm here, so we're getting some summer things set up, including a sprinkler. Noah had a fun time checking it out for the first time!
And here's a photo of Riley painting. I'm really excited, because this week, I'm starting a toddler's art group, inspired by this blog. I'm not sure what to expect with this age kids-both my kids tend to lose interest in art projects pretty quickly, but I'm hoping that having other kids around will keep their attention a little better. If nothing else, it will be fun to watch them make messes of themselves!


lindaharre said...

Love your new pages and your new style! hugs, Linda

Apple said...

Cute...I love to see children doing artwork.

Rowena said...

What are you doing with your toddler's art group? Or where are you doing your toddler's art group?

I try to do art with my toddlers, but I rarely feel like I am enabling them in the best ways.