Friday, August 26, 2011

Can Chores Actually Be Cute?

I loved Rachel's version of a "chore chart".  However, as much as I've looked at the thrifts around here, I haven't found a time card holder just yet.  So I decided to improvise for the time being.  I started with the piece below, and ended with the piece above.
A pocket for each of the boys (Avery's still too little to really do chores), then a pocket on the bottom marked "Done".  I took photos of various chores for which they're responsible, then laminated them on cards to fit in the pockets.

Noah's here to demonstrate how it works:

See if there are any chore cards in your pocket.  If so, pull them out.

Take your cards and go do your chores, preferably with no whining or crying or complaining.  (This one's MUCH easier said than done!)

 When you've finished, put the cards in the "Done" pocket, and then go play!

If the system works well, I'll probably try to expand and find something with more pockets, but for now it will work.  And it will be easy to repurpose it to go somewhere else (like my studio), just by changing the labels.  After all, it's too cute not to be used somewhere!


My Vintage Mending said...

I love these little letter holders. They are so hard to come by. I keep coupons, extra keys and store cards in them. I love, love, love your transformation.

sew grown said...

I love that idea. Let me know if it works!!!