Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Wall Arrangement

I've been working a bit on our great room lately.  It's a difficult room because of the layout, and I've never really been pleased with our furniture arrangement, etc.  This wall here is the easy wall- the rest of the room is the difficult part.  It's still in process (for example, the white table will be painted soon), but yesterday, I decided to do a rearrangement of the wall over our sofa. 

You can see the way it used to look in this post here. I didn't dislike the old arrangement, but I was just ready for a change. I don't have much of my own artwork hanging in the house, and these pieces were just stacked in a pile in my studio.  You may recognize the pieces from the "Get Your Paint On" class I took, or from my blog header!

On the opposite wall is our fireplace, which has this piece of artwork over it.  So I wanted some art that would work well with that piece from across the room.
So far, I'm pleased with the way it's all coming together, but as I said, it's still in process.  Maybe I'll do a reveal here once I'm all done.  It will probably depend on whether I like the end result or not!

Tomorrow I've got another cute "Little Vintage Style" post coming!


Diane Mars said...

Looks great and so family / kid friendly. Hugs, Diane

A bird in the hand said...

Corey, it's so good to see your paintings. The portraits are wonderful. I hope you find the time to do more -- I love your work as you know.

Those side tables are fabulous.


Sugarpetite said...

It looks so pretty! I really love the baskets holding the blocks and all the paintings!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

hello, Corey, i recently bought your book and i am enjoying reading it. how nice to see that you now have 3 lovely children. your art is amazing!

creatingme said...

Just love this arrangement. I am still wanting to paint my girls faces, but so scared of even trying. ...why have you taken your book down? Are you not trying to promote it anymore? I adore it!

Stacy said...

you are so talented corey! i love your paintings, the room looks great

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Corey!!! I love the paintings and the sweet portraits! Your wall looks lovely. Your brown velvety couch is wonderful~ it looks so cozy. Love how the little ones have chairs and a little table. Your babies are so adorable!