Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Your Paint On- Week 5

I'm a couple weeks late getting my final painting done for my class, but I have good reason.  Jason and I were in Hawaii!  Luckily, we missed all the tsunami drama by a few days...  But anyway, here's my final painting:

We didn't really have an assignment for this one, other than to use some of the things we've learned in the class.  As I stated in a previous post, one of the biggest things I've taken away is the idea of mixing all my own colors.  So for this piece, I think I only used one color straight from the tube- I mixed the rest of them.  As hard as I try, my paintings all seem to come out with a similar palette, but I definitely think this one looks just a bit more sophisticated, color-wise, as a result.

The other thing I experimented with in this piece is the balance of geometric designs and organic shapes.  I am enjoying the introduction of harder-edged elements into my work.  It's something I hadn't tried before this class.

If nothing else, this class renewed my excitement about painting without collage elements.  I've had a lot of fun just painting.  Unfortunately, I think I enjoy it more than doing the scrapbooks for my kids, so I'm going to have to find a balance during my limited art time!


sarah said...

i agree - i am loving your paintings. they are so organic feeling and free. keep going!

creatingme said...

what a fun mix. True that I have never noticed angles in your work. It seems odd to work on something without a photo as well. Glad you're liking this class. Wish I could have taken it as well.