Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Favorite December Pics

Hi Everyone!  I hope you're all recovering from the craziness of the holiday!  We're doing well here-  the first few days after Christmas and birthdays are always nice because the kids have so many (TOO many!!) new toys to play with!

I'm entering Paper Mama's photo challenge for our favorite photo of December, and I've had such a hard time deciding on my favorite!  Anyway, I decided I'd post several here.  It's been a fun month, so I got lots of cute photos!

 These two had fun posing when we fixed their hair in "mohawks" for the day!


 Fun on the swings!

 And look who decided to start drawing faces for me!

In mid-December, we took a little overnight trip to Hilton Head. When we got there, I realized it was the same hotel where we vacationed last year, when I took the photo I used on this piece of art.  I had the kids go out onto the balcony, and took their photos again. Amazingly, they posed almost identically! It's so fun to see the photos next to each other!!


 Fun photos from the beach...

 Here's the one that I think is my favorite!

 The obligitory Christmas morning photo...!

And finally, a Christmas night photo-  Avery sleeping with the two light-up angel ornaments she got!

Again, hope you're all enjoying a nice, peaceful week before the new year.  I should be back on Friday with another Lil' Vintage Storybooks installment!


My Vintage Mending said...

Corey each photo is more beautiful than the one before...I love them all. Watching to see how much Avery has changed from toddler to little girl...and the boys chumming up with one another. It is such a great combination one that I share. Love that Angel light photo....smiles....Renee

lynxymama said...

good lord these pics are sweet! seeing your boys and baby girl gives me a glimpse into my future, and i love what i see ;) happy holidays! love the dresses by the way!

Kim K. said...

Such sweet photos. Just like Renee said, each photo is more beautiful than the one before. I especially love the beach photos. I can't wait to get back on the shores of Lake MI again.

Sugarpetite said...

I loved looking at all these beautiful pictures. Avery has grown so much since last year! The shots of the boys are so great...what handsome little fellas! :)

~ elizabeth

Daniele Valois said...

That picture on the beach, both the playing in the sand and the thrree in the water, are AMAZING! Way to capture great moments. (I just went to the beach last week. Hoping for some good pics too...although I have not even looked!)