Saturday, February 18, 2012

Silly Monster Party

While you may think that I would be into throwing totally elaborate, totally crafty, totally decorated, totally adorable parties for my kids, I really am not.  I see the parties that people put together on other blogs, and I'm amazed at how wonderful they all are.  But I know myself, and I know that I am a perfectionist, and a party like one of those would STRESS ME OUT to the max!  So the two real parties I've thrown for my kids (by real, I mean someone other than family was invited) have been cute, but I've definitely not gone as "all out" as I could have.

 Anyway, all that explanation was just a way to say that here was my simple, fairly easy solution to Noah's request for a "Silly Monster Party".  It came out cute, somewhat crafty, and lots of fun for the kids!  

At Target, we found these monster shirts for the boys to wear (Avery wore some monster pj's that we already had).  Ugh, do you think we could clean our front door a little bit?  I didn't realize how bad it looked until I saw these photos!

I googled "silly monsters" and found several cute monster images that I printed out and  made into a banner.

 We gathered every kid-sized seat in the house (and outside) and put them around the coffee table, along with monster sticker sheets for the kids to play with as they arrived.

 My sister helped decorate a monster cake (inspired by this one).  Isn't he cute?

We got a monster pinata at Target, which was a big hit, of course!  Target has a really cute monster line in their party section- we got lucky with that!

And the funnest part was making their own silly monsters!  I made the monsters from two pieces of felt, then  stuffed them.  They went pretty fast, maybe about 15 minutes for each monster.  I cut out lots of items for the kids to glue on- eyes, mouths, noses, bows, hair, and of course, teeth!  

I printed out the photo at the top of the post for them to get ideas.  Grown-ups helped glue all the pieces together.

 Avery loved hers, and carries around her "Baby Monster" all the time!

And here's the cutest picture of all- all the kids with their monsters!  Aren't they cute?  (Some of the kids had  fake teeth in- they aren't in need of a dentist!)

It was a fun party overall.  Noah had a great time, and so did the kids.  And it wasn't too much work!  But I still have to say that even though it wasn't a whole lot of work, I still was TOTALLY STRESSED OUT!  So it's a good thing I don't get any more elaborate than this- ha ha!


lindaharre said...

First Corey.....this was written at 4:30 am..........what are you doing up at that hour?????
Second......I prefer your party to any of those I have seen online. Having the kids be creative is my cup of tea, and you are serving up tea kettles of it:D
I may have to copy this idea in the future! What fun for all our grandchildren to do when they come to visit:D Always inspiring...Thanks

Kim K. said...

Josie is sitting next to me this morning and she is totally excited about your silly monster party. I really love the idea of letting the kids decorate their own monster. Their felt monsters turned out absolutely adorable. That cake ROCKS too!! Great job, Corey. Fantastic party.

My Vintage Mending said...

I love these home parties. Not keeping up with the Jones' is just my cup of tea. Those monsters are adorable and I love that you let the kids finish them. Perfect, memorable and good old fashion fun....happy day to you all...smiles..Renee

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Corey! What a fun and cute party! I bet those kiddos has so much fun!

Daniele Valois said...

I must say that this party looks pretty elaborate to me!!! You went further than I would have. I also look at all these great parties and it is just way too stressful for me!!! I am in love with that cake though. Making a fun cake is about as far as I go! Totally cute. I may have to try that one day and make a girl monster cake! :D

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that I am no fun when giving a party at our home. Sometimes, they must happen, but in general, we just go elsewhere. Now, my middle is about to turn 10 and wants a huge sleepover!!! oh me... I may not survive!

Jen Adkins said...

I love your purple monster cake! Your icing color is so much better than mine, I'm jealous. :)

It looks like the kids had loads of fun and those stuffed monsters are super cute.

Sew Grown said...

They turned out so great! I may be stealing this idea for a co-op craft lesson with our homeschool group:)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

this is so cute! thank you for sharing this wonderful party with us!
peggy aplSEEDS

mark lawrence said...

Hurray! Monster party at home seems to be full of funny activities. Was not able to attend my cousin's wedding due to some official agreements. But saw the professional pictures and loved the decorations done at venue NYC with royal flowers and carnations. My mother praised the dinner quality and souvenirs given to all guests.