Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Couple "New" Things in Avery's Room

Last week I suddenly had the idea to transform this little wall hanging.  You can see its former self in this post.  It's been sitting in the closet ever since we rearranged the boys' rooms, but I've always liked the piece and have been looking for a new use for it.

 I pulled out my stash of vintage decals (some are actual vintage, and some are reproductions) and some paint, and went to work!  You may notice that the middle decal got a bit messed up, but I really don't mind- I think it makes it look more authentic- ha ha!

 I think it turned out darling!  A perfect place to hang some little dolly clothes!

And speaking of darling, how about this little bed?  I found it on the Goodwill auction site. (Did you know Goodwill has an auction site?  I should probably keep it a secret, since I don't think that many people know about it!)

I've never seen one of this style before.  The footboard and headboard are actually just corrugated cardboard, slid into the metal casings. Aren't the graphics adorable?   I think this may be my favorite doll bed to date, and I've got a lot to choose from!!

One of these days I'm going to have to admit to myself that Avery's not interested in dolls, and I'll have to find room for it all in my (already cramped!) studio.  But for now, it's part of Avery's room decor, I guess until she gets old enough to tell me she doesn't like it anymore!


My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I love that sweet shelf. Even better that the little one in the middle is perfectly vintage. I have been to that goodwill site but not for a while. Loving those curtains...smiles..Renee

Kim K. said...

Simply divine. Avery's room is very sweet and your touches are just darling. Even though Josie doesn't touch her dolls, I'm still keeping my favorite vintage doll beds and doll clothes in her room.

lynxymama said...

love love love the shelf, i am totally ripping off this idea because i wanted a cool way to hang clothes on tova's walls!!! love.

A bird in the hand said...

You have written the book on how to vintage-decorate a little girl's room!

gabrielle said...

I think I might need a room like Avery's - so sweet

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Corey! I adore Avery's sweet and very charming vintage style room! I love what you have done with the wall hanging and the doll bed is adorable!

Jennifer Wilson said...

i want that little pink crib!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I have been playing with decals too lately. I love what you did with yours :)Have a great week!

Sandy xox