Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Noah's Nursery

Oh, how I love the colors I chose for Noah's room! I think they're coming out a bit darker here than in real life though. The "orange" is a yummy, yummy sherbert color- reminds me of a creamsicle every time I go in. And the blue-green is a nice, soft pale seafoam color. If you've ever looked at my website and seen photos of Riley's nursery in our old house, you'll recognize all the furniture, but in a new setting obviously! Anyway, here is the view from the doorway, and I'll walk you around counter-clockwise...:

Just a little closer view of the same:

And a detail shot of the dresser and shelf. You can see the little lamp from a few posts ago, and I love this vintage flashcard that says "wee". Also a display of the pixie sticks I made last year and other miscellaneous eye candy!

Here's the changing table wall with some more shelves. I would still like to repaint the changing table, as the pinkish/salmon color doesn't really quite work and perhaps make a new slipcover for the glider, but I haven't gotten to those things yet:

And a detail shot of the shelves. The teddy bears are actually my own collection, but for the time being, they'll reside in here. And in both boys' rooms, I keep a display easel to display their baby journals while I'm not working in them:
Here's just a close-up shot of the wall above the changing table with these lambs you may recognize:
The door wall really just has the door and a closet, but this is on the bit of wall between the two, a little shelf with hooks to hang the swaddling wrap he spends so much time in:
It will be so sad when the boys are old enough to want to "decorate" their rooms themselves! No more cute displays of Momma's things, but utilitarian storage for cars and trucks, etc. Oh well, at least I can have my fun for a couple more years!
There are still some last details I'm working on for Riley's room. When they're done, I'll show you that as well...


Jamie said...

What a lucky, lucky boy, Mama! You have created one of the most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen. I have scrapbook paper with the same design that your curtains are made out of and I have made your frames using it before! How cool is that?! I have tons of it(compulsive paper collector:) if you would like some for the room. Even though my boys are getting bigger I still put leather suitcases and antique gas pumps up high on their shelves. Where there's a will, there's a way! Thank you for your sweet comment this morning. It really made my day.

lindaharre said...

Darling room......I am sure he feels safe and happy there:) Love all your little displays! The lambs are adorable...but never saw them before....did you make them! Love the pixie sticks as well...I do remember them:)

cheryl said...

I love the colors Corey! Creamsicles were always my favorite. I just found you through my friend J at Terra-Cottage - what a great find!
I too am a perfectionist decorator, so I can relate to the long term aspect of your project.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

WoW!! I miss the days of baby rooms! Now I look at Spiderman in one room, and a tornado in progress, in the other!

erika t said...

wow, so cute! And to think that my Noah doesn't really even has his room. Now I feel really guilty!

lindaharre said...

Corey, I am back just to say that the baby bed is to die for:):):)