Friday, April 20, 2012

Lil' Vintage Story Books #25

Welcome again to Lil' Vintage Story Books, where we share our favorite vintage children's books!

Today's book is called "Whatever Happens to Kittens?", written by Bill Hall, illustrated by Virginia Parsons, and published in 1967.

 If you aren't a cat-lover like me, you may not care for this book, but the concept of it is really sweet.

 It talks about  kittens that are born in lots of different places.  Can you guess which one is my favorite above?  The little doll buggy, of course!

 Then we see this one particular cat and her three kittens.  (Love the colors in the above illustration!)

 Once her kittens are old enough, we get to see where they went to live! One lives in an apartment with a little girl.

 Another lives out in the country.

 The book also shows other kittens and what happened to them.

 That's a lucky cat that gets to help at the butcher shop!

 Again, if you aren't a cat person, this book probably isn't your taste, but we all love it here!

 Such a sweet back cover!

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My Vintage Mending said...

This cat lover loves this one...I like that it sneaks in the education aspect. Lovely book...I will see you later today...smiles...Renee

Kim K. said...

That is an adorable story. Such darling illustrations. I'm sitting in my sunroom with my two cats (one of which is 7 months old). She is busy, busy, busy.

E said...

What a sweet book, the illustrations are wonderful, such cute little faces. Thanks for sharing, Elaine

vintage grey said...

I love the kitties!!! Such a sweet book!! I always love children's books with cats!! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather