Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Dollhouse Nursery

 Some of you may remember this dollhouse from this post.  I've slowly been accumulating various pieces of dollhouse furniture- from thrift stores, estate sales, etc. Not necessarily intentionally for this house, but just in general, you know?  When you have as many dollhouses as I have, furniture will never go to waste!!

Well, as a result of this slow accumulation, I've got myself a complete nursery now!  

 My pièce de résistance is this little changing table.  Do you remember Avery's changing table (here) and this dolly changing table (here)?  I mean, how could I resist when I found the matching dollhouse version?? 

  The little plastic Ideal crib, buggy, and rocking chair were from an estate sale.

I'm not sure why there are two cribs in this nursery- maybe it's a twins' room!  All I know is that it looks cute!

 Love the little decal of course!

Now my next step is to find a baby doll (or two) to put in there!  


Kim K. said...

I will be showing this post to my girls. As you know from my blog yesterday we have quite the dollhouse city going on in my living room over break. Your nursery furniture is just precious. I can't wait to go back and admire your other dollhouse posts.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a sweet little nursery! I just love old doll houses and yours is particularly sweet.

vintage grey said...

Oh, Corey this dollhouse is so cute!! I love all the furniture and the decals. How perfect for Avery!! xo Heather

Sandy said...

Go to Ebay and look under Renwal, they have lots of babies for sale and some are pretty good price wise...:) Love your dollhouse and your furniture....I just got the supplies to put up a shelf in my hobby room for mine, can't wait to get it up so I can see my sweet metal doll house and all of the furniture I have collected through the years! :) Sandy

My Vintage Mending said...

I am in love. Not only with the colors of the house but the sweet furniture. Oh the Easter decal. Corey this is just amazing. Thank you for sharing. Smiles...Renee

A bird in the hand said...

Well done! I love the color scheme.

OliversForest said...

omg, you never cease to amaze me! this is the cutest little furniture i've ever seen!