Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Her First Fish (& Second)

 My parents live in North Carolina, but they recently bought a second home here in Florida near us.  They come stay every couple months or so.  Their new house is on a little lake/marsh, and the kids' favorite thing to do is fish off their deck.

 I took Avery over to visit this week while the boys were in school, and she of course wanted to fish.  This is really her first time doing it without the boys around, so she got Grandpa's full attention, and most importantly, her own fishing rod to hold (usually she's more of an observer).

 Pretty soon, she looked over the ledge, and what did she see?

 A fish on her line!!!

 Her very first fish!

 Grandpa getting it off the hook...

 ...and she got to hold it herself.

 Time to throw it back!

So the title of the post also says "Second".  When the second fish got pulled out of the water, it flipped a little and brushed her cheek.

She freaked out a bit... no more touching the fish for her!

At least Grandma was there to comfort her!

And here's a smile again!

Avery's little outfit came from the thrift store- such a sweet little set!  Linking up here and here this 


Kim K. said...

That's quite the lovely outfit for her first fishing adventure. Simply precious pics. Love the excitement of her first fish! How nice that you have your parents nearby too.

Anonymous said...

this is so precious!!!


vintage grey said...

Yay, for he first fish!! Such the sweetest photos!! xo Heather

OliversForest said...

you fish in style avery!

Lil Muse Lily said...

that is so awesome!! Lily loves fishing off the pond at her grandparents house in west virginia

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

Fishing with grandpa! What a wonderful memory, and catching one is sure to make it all the better.

So glad to be reconnecting with you through Small Style again!

p.s. you might like the giveaway that is on my blog this week - http://www.thescribblepadblog.com/2012/10/giveaway-caterpillar-head-hair-clips.html

Hannah Avery said...

Love the look on her face when she caught the fish! Such a sweet little dress too!


Kilee Nickels said...

You captured this outing perfectly in your photos! How fun! So cute. Thanks for linking up this week!


erica @ expatria, baby said...

You always find the cutest little outfits for Miss A!!
I can kinda relate to her freak out, I must say, having a bit of a fish phobia myself (but more of the edible variety). I'm not too sure what to make of the fact that my father recently bought my kid her own fishing rod, as he does not fish and I do not touch or eat fish, and well, if she should catch one, who's going to get it off the line??!?!