Monday, December 03, 2012

More Handmade Christmas

 As I mentioned in my last post, my sisters and I are trying to keep Christmas inexpensive this year, so I've been making some handmade gifts.  For all the kids (my three and my niece and nephew), I decided to make pillowcases.  I was inspired by the cute ones in this Etsy shop
I decided to go a little more fun and colorful, and also personalize them, because what kid doesn't love something with his name on it??
I did run into some problems- I used interfacing on the clouds, but it didn't adhere the greatest, which is why there are a few bumps and buckles.
And on Noah's, I messed up writing the name(!!), but a little extra cloud provided a perfect fix!
But, what the heck?  They're for kids, and once they're on a pillow, they work great!
I just love the look of them all folded up together- such pretty colors- yum!
Also, I failed to mention that the sweet Chelsey at The Paper Mama posted my tutorial for vintage inspired felt stockings last week.  Go check it out!


ImagiMeri said...

Oh Corey, those pillowcases are just so sweet. They are sure to produce sweet dreams!


Kim K. said...

I'm completely smitten with your pillowcases and vintage inspired stocking. Darling, Corey.

My Vintage Mending said...

Ha...I just made the kids pillowcases for Christmas too...although not quite as cute. I am off to see the tutorial...smiles..Renee

OliversForest said...

Oh how I wishi was as crafty as you!