Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Avery's Art Journal

Just popping in for a minute to show you the latest two spreads I've done in Avery's art journal.
 Over Thanksgiving break we took the kids on their very first cruise!  They were so excited, and they mostly loved it (poor Riley dealt with a bit of sea-sickness, unfortunately).  But Avery probably loved it most of all.  She still talks about it almost daily!  So I did a spread in her book about it.
The next spread is about being a "bigger, bigger" girl.  Being the youngest of three kids, she constantly hears, "Only the big kids get to do it" or similar.  Her argument is always, "But I'm a bigger, bigger girl!"  She adds extra "bigger"s depending on the situation, hoping to make a better case for herself!  She's 3 1/2 now, and is adamant that she's going to be 5 next (because big brother Noah is 5)- she just can't wait to be a big kid!
Hope everyone's having  a great week!


Kim K. said...

Darling. You are do such a great job with layering, colors and fantastic photos. What a keepsake. Josie is 6 wanting to be 14 to keep up with her big sister. I can't believe Avery is 3.5 already.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I always love seeing your art journal pages! It's such a fun way to record those sweet memories. I can't believe I still haven't' started one yet! Every time I see yours it makes me want to start!
Michelle xoxo

Rose Garden Romantic said...

p.s. My 3 year old also has to hear only the big kids can do it all the time. Poor little ones! It's hard to be the baby!

vintage grey said...

So adorable!!! Miss Avery is so sweet! xo Heather

fanciful devices said...

wow, she is so big for her age! and these pages are gorgeous of course. I haven't visited your blog in ages, i adore your silhouette ballerina piece, and the 'someone else is happy...' quote! I'm not partial to quotes but that one packs a punch, i was really moved by it. and your dollhouses! wonderful stuff.

Daniele Valois said...

HI Corey! It has been so long since I've visited blogs! Just starting to blog again myself. So busy! I am so glad to see your journals and as always, totally you! I'm off to poke around and see what you've been up to!