Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pretty Vintage Things

 I know I haven't shown any of my vintage finds very recently.  Mostly this is because I haven't HAD many good vintage finds!  The thrift shops in this area are proving to be less and less forthcoming lately, and good estate sales are few and far between.  And since I've been sucked into this dollhouse craze, there's virtually nowhere to hunt for that besides Ebay. 
But anyway, I did find some wonderful things a couple weeks ago. I went to a large antique fair a couple hours away.  I didn't buy much, but here's a look at what I found!
 I couldn't pass up this trio of little google-eyed dolls for $10.  They are really just the cutest things, aren't they?  And the little lamb squeaker came from the same booth.  From another booth I picked up the kitty-cat cross-stitch piece (I think I'll turn it into a pillow for Avery's room) and a handful of vintage feedsack fabric scraps (to make curtains and bedding for the dollhouses).
 And this guy didn't actually come from the antique fair- I was lucky enough to find him at a thrift store for just $2!  Really one of my only good thrifted finds for quite a while!  I still haven't hung him up yet.  My studio has absolutely no available wall space, and Avery's room is not much better!  But I'll squeeze him in somewhere!
 Back to the antique mall, the final piece I brought home was this.  I believe it's probably a bread loaf pan.  And it's perfect for storing art supplies for the kids out in our family room!
And since I was taking photos in the family room, I thought I'd take one to show you how I've re-utilized this vintage doll bed.  I used to store vintage books in there (see here), but now I've changed it into book storage for the kids' reading level books.  I went through every single one of our children's books (and we've got a lot!) and put colored tape on the edges to determine what level they are.  All the books that are currently on the boys' levels are stored here. This way they can easily go choose a book when it's time to do some reading!
Well, that's it for vintage pretties for now.  I've been working on numerous things lately- the boys' Project Life journals, Avery's journal, dollhouse decorating, and also a secret project which I will reveal as soon as I can!


Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Hi Corey,
I loved your finds, that little bear is too adorable!
I really liked how you organized your childrens books by age level. The colored tape was a great idea. (You know I'm a librarian)!

OliversForest said...

love the doll bed for books! and the bread pan for crayons! you're so clever!

Kim K. said...

I would have also scooped up those dolls too. Love your doll bed bookcase. Great recycle with the bread pans. Can't wait to see where your wall hooks end up in your special room. Anxious to see more dollhouse pics too.

vintage grey said...

Oh, the sweetest of treasures!!! Love them all! xo Heather

humphreycumfycushion said...

I love these little dolls with their sweet little coy expressions and cute little nappies - your idea with the cake tins is great.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Corey, you always find the cutest vintage goodies! I can't wait to see what your secret project is!
Michelle xoxo