Friday, April 05, 2013

Some Belated Project Life Spreads

I realized it's been a LONG time since I posted any of my Project Life spreads, almost a year!  But I've been working steadily away at them-one each month for Riley and Noah.  I'm almost up-to-date with them, which is nice.  I honestly don't know how people do a spread a week-I'd never be able to do it! 
Since there are so many photos, I'll break them up into a couple separate posts.  Here are months May through July 2012.  If they're a little confusing to understand, some spreads actually have a 1/2 sheet inserted between the two pages- I do this if there's an extra-special event like a birthday or lost tooth!  So I took the photos as if you were flipping the page to show both back and front.
MAY- Riley
MAY - Noah
I'll continue in a few days with the next group of them!

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Joleen Pete said...

Hi there!! So it's been a LONG time since I've been to your blog!! Your boys are practically grown now and I don't think you had your daughter yet! Wow! I am finally getting around to writing my son's birth story and was reading old blog comments during my fertility struggles years ago and you had written something to encourage me. Thank you for that. :) PS- Your Project Life pages look awesome!! I'd expect no less! ;)