Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Addressing My Front Room

The room at the very front of our house has always been a bit of a problem for us.  It's sort of awkwardly-shaped, and doesn't really serve a purpose other than as my computer room.  So, as a result, it's usually where the leftover furniture goes until we decide what we're doing with it! 
 However, I've recently decided to try and work with what I have in there, and make it as pretty as possible!  Above you see one side of the room.  The two big leather recliners are really leftovers, as I mentioned above, but for now, they're here.  The black piece of furniture is my computer desk, and I've conveniently moved my computer chair out of the photo since that's prettier!
 Here's the other side of the room.  If you've seen my Christmas decorating, you'll know that this is where I usually display my vintage Christmas décor.  I recently moved the two green side tables there, and I really love how the space is filled up!
 My favorite part of the newly redesigned space is my gallery wall. I previously just had the center piece hanging up, but gathered all the other frames and hung them around it.  I love how feminine and frilly it looks!  (If you've got an eagle-eye, you'll notice this close-up arrangement is slightly different from the other shots- of course, since I took the original photos, I've already done some rearranging!)  Most of these frames are from Hobby Lobby.
 I have to laugh, because I'm also seeing other elements that have been slightly rearranged since I took these photos- ha!  Oh well, this is what it looked like a couple weeks ago, anyway!
The dollhouse will be staying there though, because it's one of the only shelves in the house where it actually fits!  Plus, the colors match fairly well!
I can't believe school starts in less than two weeks!  The summer has flown by.  I'm ready to have some time to myself again, but I am not looking forward to making lunches, managing homework, and being a chauffeur to and from the tons of activities that I'm already for-seeing  for the upcoming year!!


A bird in the hand said...

Beautifully done! Those green side tables are perfect.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Love all the various frames. They make a very pretty vignette. Those green tables are a fabulous color and of course I think every room needs a little dollhouse.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

You have done a wonderful job making that room pretty! I love your gallery wall! So funny you thought I meant my husband when I said 4 boys to take care of...I should have said 5! :) Still gathering up supplies to start Project Life. My sweet husband just bought me a (much needed) new camera this weekend and we found me a table to craft on from Craigslist. Hopefully I can get it all together and started soon. I will let you know how it's going. I think I will really like it. I'm hoping it will be easy, but I have a tendency to make even easy things hared on myself! haha!
Michelle xoxo