Saturday, August 24, 2013

Avery's World

The big kids started back to school this week, and I have to say, I've felt more busy than when they were home!  How is that possible?  Avery's been home with me (her preschool doesn't start until after Labor Day), and I realize how much I rely on the boys to keep her busy during the day!  Entertaining a four-year-old can be mentally exhausting!  But between the occasional moments of weakness when I caved and let her watch Dora for a bit, and those wonderful occasions when she got caught up in a story with her Little Pet Shop animals, I was able to do a bit of work in her art journal!
I did a spread about being the flower girl at my sister's wedding in April.
And another one about performing in her first dance recital in May.
 These were the first two spreads in her newest journal, since I finished her last one a few months ago.  (You can see all of her past journal spreads here.)  It most likely will be her last art journal, if I follow suit with the boys and switch over to Project Life when she turns five...
 Since I was in her room taking pictures of her scrapbook, I thought I'd take some quick photos of what her room's looking like these days.  It's still close to when I did her official room tour, but a few things have been added or changed around (not to mention things are a bit messier now!).
 I put this little dresser in her room, and she keeps her play jewelry, play makeup, and other little bits here.
Messy bed and lots of toys!
 I also moved this dollhouse in here, since my studio's obviously a little full these days!  We put a lazy susan on the bottom, and it works really well over in the corner.  I wouldn't say she plays with it a ton, but she does every so often, and it's just so pretty there, isn't it?
Anyway, just a little peek into Avery's world lately.  I love her to bits, but I'll be happy to have some time to myself in a week! 


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Corey! I love the pages in Avery's book! And her room is dreamy! So much vintage sweetness!! The doll house goes perfectly in her room!
Michelle xoxo

Musings from Kim K. said...

Avery's book is going to be such a special keepsake. I always enjoy a tour of your home. Every little girl needs a dollhouse or two or three or four. Hugs!

miss ann said...

I love the framed baby quilt! And the kitten pillow, so sweet and girly.