Sunday, October 06, 2013

Where I've Been!

Hi guys, sorry for the little bit of silence as of late, but I've got a good excuse!
I've been busy....
 ....seeing the Eiffel Tower,
 ....touring palaces,
....hanging out in catacombs with skeletons,
 ....viewing great works of art,
 ....doing a bit of shopping,
 ....and spending way too many hours on airplanes!
As you can see, Hubby and I went to Paris!  It was a trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary, which was earlier this year.  It was a wonderful trip, with so much eye candy!  But if you can believe it, we didn't buy one single souvenir for ourselves.  We even went to a huge French flea market, but there was just nothing there that was right.  I had grand dreams of finding an old European dollhouse, but no such luck.  I only saw one dollhouse (and it was wonderful!), but it was 1000 Euros, and a bit too large to carry!
However, I can't complain too much, because when I got home, this was waiting for me!  It's an old Rich dollhouse I won on Ebay, and I'm hoping to fix it up!  It's such a beautifully colored house- soft, pale green and peachy pink- I love it!
Anyway, I'm still getting back into the routine here, but I'll show you how things come out once I manage to work on it a bit.  Hope you're all having a nice beginning of the week!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. I have a feeling my french speaking high schooler will be touring France before I will. I'm looking forward to your blog and seeing the progress of your latest acquisition.

Blessed Serendipity said...

You lucky girl! Paris is on my bucket list for sure. I just know you had a wonderful time.

xo Danielle

Simply Shelley said...

Now, thats what I call ...getting out and about :) How wonderful....Thanks for sharing the beautiful chance of me ever getting to tour Paris so the pictures were a blessing

Labsynthe said...

You have come to Paris.
Do you like ?
it's great
welcome to my.....