Friday, January 24, 2014

Just Some Sweet Eye Candy!

Well, I know I mentioned a secret project that I'd show you, but it isn't quite done yet!  It's waiting on the hubby to finish some things up, and there's no telling how long that may take...!
 So anyway, I thought I'd show you this little dollhouse I hung on my wall a couple months ago.  I've shown it to you here before. It's one that doesn't have a very attractive front, but the inside graphics are adorable.  Since that previous post, my collection has grown (ahem!), and I don't quite have the luxury to take up shelf space with it anymore, although I'm not quite ready to let it go yet!
 So I decided to hang it on the wall and display some of my larger scale doll furniture inside!
 These pieces are more along the scale of Madame Alexander or Ginny dolls, and are a bit too large for a normal dollhouse, but they were too adorable to pass up when I saw them on Ebay!
 I just adore the bedding on that bed, and the matching chair upstairs!  And don't get me started on those rose decals- I swear you could put a vintage decal on just about anything, and I'd pay money for it!
It's a happy little place where I can gaze while I'm working in my studio, doing art.  Oh yes, I do still do art, even though I haven't shown you for a while...  I'll have to take some photos soon!


Simply Shelley said...

Sweet indeed! I saw a older tin doll house the other day at a little shop I visit from time to time. It was pretty shabby,but still very sweet. The lady wanted $10.00 for it....I couldn't really afford it so I left it there :(
I am trying to get my son to build me a four room doll house for my Hitty Jane doll. Maybe he will soon :) I always enjoy seeing all your fun things.....blessings

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm in love. The dollhouse is a perfect display for that sweet furniture. I'll be sharing this post with my mom and sister. We bought my mother a Ginny doll and some of her Ginny doll furniture for her birthday in August. We all love sweet little furniture.

Anytime I can see a sneak peek at your fabulous studio and collections, I'm a happy camper.