Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Newest Dollhouse

 Although I've been trying to curb my "collecting" lately, since we're somewhat in between homes for the moment, I did get a "new" dollhouse for Christmas from my wonderful husband!  He obediently followed the link I sent him in my Christmas list, and "surprised" me with my favorite gift!  Those are the best kinds of gifts, aren't they?  The ones you pick out yourself?  Ha!
Anyway though, I am completely enamored with this little homemade house!  I'll give you a tour.  As you can see, the outside isn't much to look at, although I think the size of the door is quite charming! 
 A little big for the scale of the house, but what the heck?  It works!
 The inside is just adorable!  Yummy pastel shades and hand-applied artwork!
 Each room has its own rugs and d√©cor, and I just can't get over how cute that is!
 I love to think about a mother (or perhaps the daughter?) cutting out the pictures from catalogs for each room.
 The bathroom has lots of towels in it!
The roof shingles are in the same scale as the door (large!), but again, I think that adds to the charm!
 All my doll furniture is packed up now, so I'm not sure how it will be decorated, but frankly, I'm perfectly happy with the way it looks right now anyway!
It is such a happy little house, and I simply love it!


craftyles said...

I just found your blog through Kim at Musings from Kim K. I love that cute dollhouse. I have a homemade dollhouse too and turned it into a bakery. Can't wait to scroll back and see what else you have been doing!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been behind on blog reading and missed this sweet gem! It's just delightful. I'm so glad you have it in your possession now.

Diane Mars said...

I think it is a very charming House I wonder what year it was made and where did it come from, it must have some very interesting History to it. Hope you are enjoying your new home. Hugs, Diane