Monday, July 24, 2006

Coffee Anyone?

My younger sister is opening a coffee shop in FL within the next couple weeks (I'm so proud of her!), and she asked me to do a few paintings for decoration. So that's what I did today. It was a challenge, as this isn't my usual subject, nor my usual style, but I'm very pleased with the way they turned out!

I'm feeling so much better the past couple days- I think the morning sickness may be on its way out! The heat has been almost unbearable though, but luckily, that is also on its way out! As I was reminded when I read my dear friend Tonia's post today, even though things may seem miserable, I really am blessed... I cannot let myself forget that!

We bought a little pool to keep cool, so I'll leave you with a photo of Riley enjoying himself!


Colette said...

I'm a true coffee drinker (grind my own beans, black, no sugar). I love coffee art, and these are fabulous!

Your little Riley is adorable.

Lilli said...

Lucky sister, Lucky coffee shop customers! I love those paintings...they're reminiscent of the 1950s while being modernly hip and artistic. That's what you were going for, right? :)

Glad you're feeling better and better.

And look at that big grin on Riley! My brother and his wife have a 4-month old boy. I've been teaching music privately for over 25 years and am completely familiar with kids ages 3 through to adult, but have had no experience with babies until now. It's such a joy to watch our little guy growing and to guess what he's experiencing. It really gives us new perspectives on ourselves :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I LOVE this art! I also really like how the four look together. Was this all acrylic?

kathy welsh said...

I LOVE the coffee paintings! They are so fun and have a little bit of a 50s feel.

tararossstudios said...

Very cute paintings, how big are they? Now you just need your art to adorn the other walls.

Riley couldn't be happier. He's growing soooo much. I am glad its cooler today.

Rosa said...

He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! Oh my!

kelly rae said...

wow. i was born and raised in jacksonville (riverside/avondale area), florida! i'm now on the west coast - lived in portland for 7 years and now i'm in california for the next 2 years. my family is still in jax. where in the city is the new coffee shop??

love your art by the way!

Tara Ferreira said...

Hi Corey, my husband Seth and I are good friends with Katie and Caleb. And I sell my jewelry and paintings at Where Ya Bean? I saw your article in Somerset Studio and I said, "Hey! I know of that girl! Her work is AWESOME!" Just wanted to say...right on. Great Job.