Saturday, July 01, 2006

Corners of My Home

First, I want to sort of apologize for not posting much lately. Honestly, I've had a little lack of motivation for the past few weeks, partially from the heat and I'm sure as a result of a variety of other things as well. Then, as I've mentioned, I'm really having some issues with my wrist/arm. This is a long-standing problem I've had (it's not exactly carpal-tunnel, but it's close) that seems to have really intensified over the past few weeks. So forgive me if my posts are shorter and maybe a little few and far between for a little while, until things improve.

However, I haven't been on the computer at all today, so I thought my arm could handle a "corners of my home" post, even though it's not Thursday. These are two walls in our master bedroom where I have our wedding photos displayed. If I haven't mentioned it before, I used to be a custom framer, hence the fancy framing. But frames really do make a huge difference in a piece... don't get me started, because I could really get up on a soapbox about it! Anyway, even though I love the arrangement on the multiple grouping, I think that eventually I may have to do away with the smaller photos on the sides and replace them with baby photos. Our wedding days are done and gone now, and have been replaced with our little Riley, and I'm shortly going to run out of wall space for photos of him! But I had this in mind when I originally framed everything, which is why I used neutral colors and a variety of frames. This way it will be easy to replace the photos as needed. I'm not sure how well you can see the individual photos in these shots, but we really did come away with some beautiful images of our wedding. And I've hung them on either side of our bed, so it's nice to lay in bed sometimes and remember that day!

Quickly, in book news, my friend (the editor) thinks my proposal looks good, and she will present it to "the big guys" soon. Wish me luck!


Lilli said...

What beautiful photos, what a beautiful grouping on the wall!

When my husband and I got married 10 yrs ago, we had almost no money. A couple friends took the photos and I can tell you that there aren't many frameable ones! If we decide to renew our vows at some point, I'll be hiring a pro to do the photos!

It was a beautiful day, otherwise.

Best of luck with your book proposal! Fingers crossed..... :)

slap me happy said...

The photo's are beautiful, you must have been so happy with them. I love photography myself and would love to do it professionally but have 3 kids so that may have to wait for a while lol. The frames are very similar to my taste too. Nice choice and well displayed. Do you have any kids yet?
Take care

lindaharre said...

I am not only wishing you luck on your article, but also on your wrist and sis is suffering with the same thing and it hurts me to see her in these hunky lookin braces she wears for relief! You are much younger and hopefully your will correct itself..xxxlinda

Rosa said...

Love all your photos and frames!! I'm sorry to hear about your wrists. I was a secretary and when I was pregnant with my last, I had a lot of typing to do - - - dun dun dun - - - carpal tunnel. It flares up pretty bad every once in a while (like when I wheeled my bags all over London!) so I have to sleep with wrist guards at night for a while. It helps a lot. Hope yours don't get any worse. Stay cool! xo