Friday, July 21, 2006

Slowly But Surely...I Hope!

Well, I'm slowly beginning to feel better. I battled a cold for about a week, on top of the morning sickness, but that is now better, which is already a vast improvement. And, although I've had some off days, I'm generally beginning to feel less exhausted and dizzy. I'll tell you though, if it had been this bad with Riley, I would have thought twice before getting pregnant again! And what's sick about that is that I know my "morning sickness" is nothing compared to what some women go through- I just have such a low tolerance for discomfort, I guess. I know- I'm weak!!

So anyway, I worked on a piece in Riley's book yesterday-that's how "up" I was feeling. And although it's not my favorite, I don't think it's going to be one that makes me nauseous every time I look at it- hooray! It took a while to get to this point though. I spent the majority of the time I worked on it absolutely HATING it. There must be 8 layers of paint on the thing, because I kept covering things up that I didn't like. But eventually I got to the place where what I did worked, and I now like it.

On a side note, I usually don't mind hating a piece at some point while I work on it. That's usually when I have a major breakthrough- I become much less inhibited about making changes, and I take risks that usually result in a much better piece. With this piece though, that went a little too far! But, as I said, I ended up "making it work" (as Tim Gunn would say) and I now like it. In case you can't read the words, it's about different milestones that Riley has hit during this last month- crawling, standing, growing 5 new teeth, and being INTO EVERYTHING!!!


lauren said...

Corey! They make me nauseous too! Just kidding ha! They're as beautiful as ever. I wish that I had your talent when daughter was a baby. I can barely get her photos into a photo album. I am just so crippled with modern day photos. Even black and white wasn't the answer for me. I do hope that the book goes through, I would certainly purchase anything that gave me such artistic ideas.
Glad you are feeling better. I'll get Amy's piece out ASAP so you can get to it before you feel sick again. And oh! If you start to feel nauseous while looking at my contribution for it, please try and keep a bucket nearby--that work took me forever!

Lilli said...

A cold! You poor lamb :(

Glad you're feeling better, though. I wouldn't bother comparing your morning sickness to others'. Each person's experience feels personal and intense to THEM. It doesn't matter that another person may be going through 'worse': each of us has burdens that are difficult for us, but that we're able to bear.

I love the unusual colour combo: the warmish gold (or olive?) against the cool lavender :)

stacie rife said...

Glad you're feeling a little bit better! I love these new pages!
I will be mailing you out that package I spoke to you about soon.. sorry for the delay!
Glad to see you posting again...

Rosa said...

So glad you're feeling better!!

Holly Stinnett said...

This is a beautiful piece - and glad you're feeling better. :)

Roxy with the Moxy said...

Corey, by reading comments I learned you were sick, so sorry, hope it has improved since then.
I connected with the part about you dealing with the fact that during the creative process you can accept "hating"it sometime during the creation. I too feel that when I am at that point I analyze with more scrutiny (sp?) and it calls forth more growth. great insight! artfully, sandy haynes