Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Artwork for Sale-SOLD!!

As many of you may know, I don't sell much artwork. Everything I do is so personal that by the time I'm done with a piece, I usually don't want to let it go. Which is why I like making the frames that I sell- there's not anything very personal about them, so they're easier for me to part with.

But I do get a lot of requests from people wanting to buy my work, and I feel bad that all I have for sale is some much older stuff, so I've decided to start making some pieces to sell! My sister and I have just begun trading off childcare one day a week, and I've decided that during my free day, I'll try to make a little money. I'll either make some more frames, or make some pieces like this one. I went into it knowing that I'd sell it, so I purposely didn't put anything too personal in it. However, it's still kind of hard to part with- I really love it!!

So here are the details. (SORRY-SOLD!) It's 9x12, done on an artist's canvas, with fabric wrapped around the edges to "frame" it. I've used paint, papers (some vintage, some new), pencil, pen, and watercolor crayons. The price is $65 + $5 for shipping. I'm "listing" it here first, and if it doesn't sell for a few days, then I'll put it on Etsy (I don't have a shop there yet, so I'll set one up). If it looks like there's a huge demand for my art (wouldn't that be cool?), then next time I'll let you know in advance of when I'm going to list so that everyone has a chance!


Anonymous said...

Corey,I would love to purchase the beautiful picture you have for sale.Please let me know how I can purchase this.Thank you,Denise

Sweet Petunia said...

I hope that means we'll see a lot more soon. I love my frames and little piece of art I have.

erika said...

Hi Corey! Yes, my Noah is my baby too! Seems to be a popular name around these parts, I hear it a lot around town. We sure do have good taste!

Jamie said...

I love this piece Corey! The colors are very pleasing and the composition is perfect. I was looking at some flicker pictures the other day and one of the boy's pages was in someone's favorites collage. I wish I had saved it to show you, but I instantly knew it was you the second I saw the little square. I love your style so much. You can look at your work and know-That's a Corey Moortgat piece. There are no others like you! Love, Jamie