Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some Art, Some Chairs, and a Cute Baby

Here's what I've been up to. I did a piece of Mother's Day art in Noah's book. I figured since it was his first Mother's Day, it should go in his book, even though Riley was part of the photo as well. I guess in the future, I'm going to have to start thinking about doing a family journal in addition to the boys' individual ones, since they'll both be included in a lot of the things I'll want to commemorate.

Anyway, this piece incorporates pieces of the card that the kids gave me. Jason made a stencil that said "We love you Mom" and helped Riley paint it, and then there is also the printed sentiment from the card as well as Jason's message, and some little flowers from the front. I'm having a hard time with a lot of these spreads lately though, because more and more, the colors I am forced to use are brighter than I'm used to. For instance, I needed to incorporate the bright yellow of the Mother's Day card and the bright paint colors in the card into the piece. And often, photos that I use have bright colors, because of course no clothes in Riley's closet are pretty pastels. But I guess it's nice to have a challenge. And it's kind of cool to see how even with primary colors in the focal images, the pieces themselves can still be toned down and more pastel-ly.

Then, I've also done a couple projects with little chairs. I found the first one at Goodwill- a perfect match in Riley's room! All I did was add a vintage-looking decal of a little dear. The second one is an old rocking chair that was mine when I was young. It originally had a dark brown stain on it. I painted it, aged it, and applied a little bear decal to it (can you tell I love vintage decals?) for another really cute chair. This one may stay in his room, or may go out in our family room.

Finally, here are some photos I took of Noah a couple weeks ago. What a cutie!
I hope to do another piece for sale sometime next week. My mother's been in town, so I wasn't able to do one this week. And tomorrow is my 35th birthday (YIKES!!). I try to do a commemorative piece of art every year on my birthday, so that's my plan. I'll let you know how it goes!


Lilli said...

Noah is SO CUTE! What an interesting stage your family is at, where the two boys are in different levels of development. You get twice as much entertainment now!

Love the chairs. Furniture is so satisfying to paint, I find.

I like how you incorporated those bright colours, made the whole effect more Corey-like :)

gillian said...

That chair... delish!!!

Erika Tysse said...

Haven't been bloggin' for awhile so just read about your bday. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day and that you were able to create your annual bday collage!

I must say, I am impressed that you have spent so much time on your boys' journals. They will cherish these bits when they are older. Regret not doing it myself.
Thanks for sharing!

Tricia Scott said...

happy belated birthday corey!

beautiful images and art as always!