Monday, July 09, 2007

A Commission

First let me say thank you for all the well wishes for Riley. He's a tough little guy, but he can use all the sympathy/empathy he can get!!
Then, I wanted to show off a commission I finished recently. The client wanted a piece to commemorate her parents' anniversary, and supplied me with 3 photos to use. She also requested that I include the verse at the bottom. I'm very pleased with the way it came out-I hope her parents are as well!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I can do commissions. Give me a photo, a theme, a phrase, etc., and I will create a piece around it. And I "specialize" in baby photos- I've had a lot of practice there- haha! There are more details on my website if you're interested.
As I said last post, my mom's here this week, so I haven't had much art time, much less computer time. Hopefully next week I'll get back on a schedule, and may even be able to do a piece to sell, as well as some baby journal work. Until then, have a nice week!


Anonymous said...

That's great you're doing commissions! And this one looks wonderful.

erika said...

Wow, looks great! I always have so much trouble with commissions that require using the customers snapshots. You did a wonderful job incorporating your style with candid shots!

Anonymous said...

This piece is awesome. I love the flow of it, how it peaks in the center. The colors are soothing as well. Love it !

Tricia Scott said...

wow corey! this is a wonderful piece! i agree with what erika said about how you did a wonderful job mixing your style with their photos.
also...i have been meaning to get over for a blog visit for days--each time i sit down i use all my free time trying to update my blog-i am sooo slow! i have been wanting to thank you for suggesting that i do an art piece around the poem---it was a very healing process for me.
thank you for taking the time to suggest it. :)

lindaharre said...

Corey.........I love this and the crown is so fitting! Lovely piece I am sure they will be thrilled:D It is painful when such a positive influence is taken from you! I hope my grandchildren say the same about me when it is my time:)