Monday, July 30, 2007

Eight Things and a Spread for Noah

Well, I've been tagged again, this time by Tonia! Last time it was only six bizarre things about myself, but this time it's eight. I had to think real hard to come up with eight more weirdo facts about myself- not! In fact, my whole personality is made up of strange traits, as those who know me can attest, so it was actually quite easy once I started thinking about it. So here goes:

1. I hardly ever drink alcohol, not because I'm opposed to it, but because I absolutely cannot stand the taste. I actually like the feeling of a good buzz, but having to drink the alcohol in order to get it usually is just not worth it to me.

2. I have a phobia of throwing up or seeing/hearing people throw up (good thing I don't drink much alcohol!). I will go to every length to avoid vomiting myself, and I have to cover my ears and close my eyes if I know I'm going to witness it (such as on TV). Strangely enough though, I have absolutely no problem with my cats or my kids doing it!

3. When I was about eighteen, my hair changed from straight to curly/wavy. The same thing happened to one of my sisters.

4. I hate scary movies. I cannot even watch a commercial on TV for a scary movie, because most of those are even too scary. In fact, if I see a particularly scary commercial, I will give myself nightmares because I freak myself out so much.

5. I was painfully shy as a child, and would consider myself socially phobic as an adult. I've definitely improved over the years, but social situations are extremely stressful for me.

6. I wish I had had the courage to color my hair some wild color like pink or blue when I was younger. There's a side of me that still would like to do it. I considered it a few times when I lived in Seattle, and should have just done it then. It would have been mildly accepted there since that's a pretty artsy city, but in Florida? No way!

7. When I was young, I absolutely hated that my name was also a boy's name. Being shy, it was terrifying to have to constantly correct teacher's, etc. who assumed that I'd be a boy because of my name. So why in the world did I doom Riley to the same fate?

8. I'm a serial returner. I return probably a third of what I buy. I have such a hard time making decisions that I constantly change my mind once I've gotten home. So I've gotten really good at keeping receipts and tags!

There you have it, another peek into my bizarre mind!

So, onto art news, thanks for all your support for my "me" journal. Sounds like there are a lot of you out there who can empathize with the feelings from my first piece. I look forward to doing more in the book, as soon as I catch up with all the other backlogged art that's awaiting me...

Speaking of which, Noah's almost six months old, and I'd failed to document a couple of his fifth month milestones until now. So I went ahead and did a spread noting his two biggest accomplishments from his fifth month- growing teeth and eating cereal!

That's all for now. I'm actually working on some more frames for sale, which should be finished soon. I'll post them here first, so you can all get first pick, before I put them on Etsy. Oh, and for those who have been keeping tabs, Riley's clavicle is completely healed!


LuLu Belle said...

Wow!!! I think we were separated at birth. Your list was exactly me. I could have written this about myself, it's a little scary. Just that I don't have any siblings and my hair has always been curly.

Your art is beautiful by the way!!

Tricia Scott said...

corey, how neat to learn a bit more about you...and what is funny is that we have some strange things in commom. :)
like...#2...the hurling phobia, and
#3 --my hair changed after i had olivia..sometimes i wish it was straight again. #5--exactly the same on this one unfortunately. :)#6---i would do a wild bright red!

Stash said...

Great news about Riley!
Looks like your traits are not as strange as you might have thought ;-)
I too hate scary movies and I am finding that my daughter is even more bothered than I remember being. But then, I didn't grow up with as much tv as our children. She does not like to watch a struggle between good/evil, even if it is animated. She does not like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. I think this is because she is visually stimulated as is her mother.


debra cooper said...

I just did one of these memes recently and was so surprised how many people said they felt the same way. I guess we're not as alone as we think. I can so relate to 2, 5, and 6. My fear of throwing up is completely irrational. Just hearing about a friend having been sick will send me into a panic. And if someone in the house gets sick, I'm a complete basketcase. For me, the fear is much worse than the actual thing I'm afraid of. And even though I'm an introvert at heart, I married an extrovert which really has changed me in the past 10 yrs. I still dread social situations but once I get there, I usually enjoy myself. And #6, it isn't just the hair thing but I would like to do something fairly superficial that is socially shocking to the community we're a part of. Although, as it is I am probably considered strange already, I think there are a lot of unspoken prejudices of what good people and bad peole look like. When there is such a lack of diversity we end up thinking everyone should be like us. My husband is an elder at our church and has a gorgeous tatoo that he keeps hidden. I've been pressuring him to get another one that he can't hide. It seems the best place to confront these issues is within a community of people who love you. And don't we all need our ideas about things shaken up a bit from time to time? Sorry about the novel I've written....

donnaj said...

Painfully shy: me too but not as bad as when i was young-went to sell camp fire girl candy-my brother went w/me and when someone opened the door-i couldn't speak-he would say "want to buy her candy" still not the most social until i know someone.
i would like to do a color streak in my hair too-
hard to believe the little one is almost 6 mo already-and you still manage to make art!

Judy said...

It's so interesting getting these insight into everyone. No. 2 just cracked me up. isnt it amazing what you can cope with with ones child but not with others. The journal pages are really nice - i am always amazed at how you seem to always find the perfect ephemera for your pages.